Making Disciples

But according to Jesus, people are God’s method for winning the world to Himself (Radical, pg 90)

Making disciples is not an easy process.  It is trying.  It is messy.  It is slow, tedious, even painful at times.  It is all these things because it is relational. (Radical, pg 93)

Relationships are not easy.  We have so many relationships built into the fabric of our everyday life.  My relationship with my hubby, kids, the teen girls I work with, my parents, siblings, friends, church family…heck, I even have a relationship with my doctor’s receptionist {that is what happens when you have MS, I don’t even have to say my last name when I call LOL}.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the demands of the relationships in my life.  And, I admit that it makes me hesitant to go out and develop more.

But then I read the words in chapter five of Radical and realize that developing relationships is key to living out the Great Commission in my everyday life.

Disciple making is not about a program or an event but about a relationship.  As we share the gospel, we impart life, and this is the essence of making disciples.  Sharing the life of Christ.  (Radical, pg 96)

My husband and I are the Biblical Community Directors for our local church {small group, Sunday School, call it what you will}.  God has placed a passion on our hearts for authentic community and to have other believers connected with each other to live and share life.  I guess that is why this statement resonated so deeply with me as I read this chapter:

We will multiply the gospel only when we allow others to get close enough to us to see the life of Christ in action. (Radical, pg 99)

Yikes!  That requires being authentic…vulnerable…REAL.  Isn’t that where we tend to get hung up?  On having to extend trust to people that could {and probably will at some point} hurt us or let us down?

I do not have the room here {or the time, as Sweet Pea is stirring beside me} to share all I feel about the Discipling or Disinfecting portion of the chapter so please read it!!! How can we think that discipling takes place in church buildings across America? 

Discipling takes place by allowing others to see Jesus in us, through us.  Exuding His Word, His love, his hope to everyone we meet.  So, I am chewing, mulling over and praying on this statement this week:

A community of Christians each multiplying the gospel by going, baptizing, and teaching in the contexts where they live every day.  Is anything else, according to the Bible, even considered a church? (Radical, pg 106)

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  1. Oh, that last one IS a great quote, Melissa! I am hungry for authentic community, too. A place where we can be real, vulnerable and honest with one another so that we can authentically edify, exhort and encourage one another. Your post reminded me that not only am I called to make disciples but I still need to BE a disciple- growing and being conformed into His image!

  2. very good point, Natalie! We have to be disciples to make them!

  3. Missy June says:

    Yes, yes -living life “out there” along the way, disciples are made!

  4. I love this, Melissa. And I’m asking God to keep showing me every day how I can let others get close to me and reach out to the people who are right around me.

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