Coming Along Side

“Mom, can I go out to dinner with Steve?” {one of our youth leaders}

“Okay, bud.  Is anybody else going?”

“No, I need to talk to him about something…umm, personal, mom.”

Immediately, this mama’s head goes to the obscure, scary things that could be going on in my child’s life that he does not want to talk to me {or his dad} about. 

Is the bullying at school getting worse?

Is there a girl he has taken notice of?

Is he contemplating joining some kind of video game gang?

My angst really boiled down to the fact that whatever was going on with him was something that he didn’t want to talk to me about.  He wanted to talk to Steve.

As I commiserated to my hubby, he reminded me how blessed we are to belong to a body of believers that takes relationship building with the youth so seriously.  That we are blessed to have Christian men who will take time out of their week to talk to our son about whatever he has on his mind.  And he reassured me that if Matt confided something of a serious nature to Steve, he would bring Matt back to talk to us about it.


I was not feeling blessed. 

And then I realized my hubby was right.  And I cried that my baby {who turned 13 on the 26th of September} doesn’t bring everything to his mama anymore. 

And I thanked God for Steve and the other adults that give of their time to invest in my son’s life.

Oh, yeah.  Matt came home, with a sheepish grin, and said “Mom, you are going to be really happy with what I decided”.

“I’m getting baptized next Wednesday.”

He’s right.

 I am a really happy mama! 

Welcome to the Family, Matt.

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  1. Canada Lynn says:

    Awww this made me tear up! My oldest is eight and my heart is fighting him growing up and away from me in just the way you described. How wonderful that the conversation was positive and that he put so much thought into his relationship with the Lord.

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