Talking to our kids about sex

One of the most difficult and awkward subjects for me to talk to my boys about is sex.  I know I am not alone in this.  We are mama’s.  There is not a fiber of my being that wants to think about my child “doing it” with anyone.  In fact, there is a big part of this mama’s heart that wants to lock them in a closet until they are 30+ and I am dying for a grandbaby to love on.

I am tackling the talk in my monthly column at The Mob Society.  Head over there to read the rest of this post…


  1. {hiding sheepishly in the corner} I greatly fear this topic with our oldest son… with all the chaos that is our life, it’s just not something I think any of us are prepared for! Look forward to your insight and wisdom though! {and help!}

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