Something’s gotta give

I had been praying that God would use me {in any way He saw fit} and that I would respond to that call without hesitation.

I had been praying that my life would be one that contributed to Kingdom work and not wasted pursuing dreams on earth that will not matter in eternity.

The words of Radical echoed in my mind:

But the truth is, there will continue to be millions and millions of people who do not hear as long as we continue to use spare time and spare money to reach them….What would happen, I thought, if we stopped asking how much we could spare and started asking how much it was going to take?

The truth is that I had more “spare” time than I wanted to admit.  Time I spent catching up with friends on Twitter, time reviewing products, time writing articles God did not call me to write.

Please don’t misunderstand.  I have been convicted about this in MY life…I am not passing judgment on anyone else.

When you pray like I did months ago, God will answer.  You just may not be comfortable with the answer.  God is using our family in awesome ways and daily convicting us of other ways we need to change the way we live and follow His lead.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I am going to stop doing many of the online activities I have been involved in.  I am giving up my weekly organizing podcast.  I am giving up my organizing blog.  I am going to pray about every.single.opportunity that comes my way and view the opportunity through Christ’s will for my life, not my own pride and selfish ambition. 

The things I will continue doing {until God tells me not to}:

  • writing on this blog, as I have time
  • writing monthly column for The MOB Society
  • managing my local blog {as proceeds go to the teen mom ministry I work with}
  • serving as a GMO online missionary

The other things I am letting go of.  This is NOT easy for me.  It goes against every fiber of my fleshly being to relinquish activities and things that I enjoy and/or am committed to.  But, I must.


You and I stand on the porch of eternity.  Both of us will soon stand before God to give an account for our stewardship of the time, the resources, the gifts, and ultimately the gospel He has entrusted to us.  When that day comes, I am convinced we will not wish we had given more of ourselves to living the American dream.  We will not wish we had more stuff, lived more comfortable, taken more vacations, watched more television, pursued greater retirement, or been more successful in the eyes of this world.  Instead we will wish we had given more of ourselves to living for the day when every nation, tribe, people and language will bow around the throne and sing the praises of the Savior who delights in radical obedience and the God who deserves eternal worship.  Radical pgs 216-217

I hope you will stick with me as I navigate this new phase of my journey and pray that God gives me the strength to focus on His will for my life, and not my own.

Is there something God has been asking of you that you have been putting off?  I would love to pray for you!


  1. Adrianscrazylife says:

    Melissa, you are the least selfish person I know, but I’m sure you are making the right decision for your life and I applaud you for it!

    PS; nice to see the redesign, you picked the one I liked best from #evoconf


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