Sibling Rivalry

We all know that kids fight, particularly brothers and sisters.  Although, I don’t remember fighting with my siblings {when we were fortunate enough to live together} near as much as my boys argue {and nit pick and antagonize, etc}.  Is it just me or has sibling rivalry gotten worse over the years?

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  1. I don’t think it’s gotten worse, I think it depends on the family. My brothers and I had some wicked sibling rivalry but we are all great friends (and we still had good times as kids). My husband and his sister didn’t have much rivalry they just ignored each other…still do to this day. My kids don’t have any rivalry, they are all great friends, but maybe that’s attributed to the fact that they are homeschooled and have to get along!

  2. You are probably right Sheri. I think a lot of my kids is the fact that they
    are so close in age (15 months apart) and adolescence has set in LOL

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