The best laid plans

Sometimes we find ourselves asking God “why” and questioning His sovereign timing {or is it just me that does that?}

Sometimes we think He got it wrong because what seemed like the best path to our finite minds results in closed doors and confusion.

Sometimes we forget that He is God and we are not.

Then, sometimes something will happen and we will say “ooooh, that is what You were up to”….

Mike might just be smitten

We are unwrapping one of those times this week.

Mama and baby

After a summer of closed doors, not understanding His plan and yes, even questioning His timing, God brought things to fruition that explained why some doors had been closed and why opening our home had been on our heart all summer, just not in the way we expected.

Sweet Pea

Isn’t God funny like that?  Perhaps He who created the heavens and the earth does have it all worked out and doesn’t need my help?

Yup, he is a sucker for babies

Our family expanded by four feet this week and we are enjoying every minute of this unexpected gift.

This post is linked to Tuesdays Unwrapped.


  1. How precious! So thrilled to see it all coming together for you and your family! 🙂

  2. still jealous 🙂 but loving you guys for doing it 🙂

  3. How awesome that things are working out… Go GOD! Mike looks like a pro! Great to see everyone is embracing this unexpected gift! She is adorable!

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