Time is fleeting…

I am feeling rushed.

Urgency knocks on the door of my heart.

Have you done enough?  Have you taught them enough?  Have you equipped them for this journey?

A faint knock on the door of my heart beckons me away from urgency and toward comfort.

I answer that familiar knock.  Then I remember that all He expects from me is my obedience.  Ultimately, these three special people are only on loan to me anyway.  They belong to Him who ordained their days in His book before they were ever born (Psalm 139).

So, as one heads off to their senior year, one begins high school and one finishes up middle school, I lean back into my Father’s arms.

Parenting from His right hand is peaceful. 

And, when you are parenting teens, peace is a true gift!

Are you experiencing peace on this journey of parenting?  Please feel free to share your thoughts/struggles/ideas in the comments!

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