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The Lord foils the plans of the peoples: He thwarts the purposes of the peoples.  But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations.  Psalm 33: 10-11

I am pretty sure that God sits in heaven, watches me make my plans and laughs.  Not just a chuckle, but a deep belly guffaw. Yup, He finds my insane desire to “have a plan” hilarious and uses the changing of my plans to grow me on a daily basis.

Allow me to illustrate:

There were several blogging and  writing conferences as well as other trips I wanted {and planned} to attend this year.  Blissdom was fabulous in February and apparently on God’s agenda too.  It has all been downhill since then.

The next was EVO ’10.  I was excited about that one.  Not only because I won a complete site redesign for my organizing site {to be revealed soon} but because the location was beautiful!  Alas, at the very last minute {and have I mentioned that we [recovering] Type A personalities do not deal well with last minute changes?} I had to stay home to deal with an issue with our oldest son.  I was beyond bummed.

But, I had the Savvy Blogging Summit quickly approaching and was totally pumped for that as well.  Not just to soak in the incredible knowledge from the speakers and take my blog/ministry to the next level but to see so many of my online friends in person.  Yeah, you guessed it.  Last minute….middle son gets horrific ankle infection and mama couldn’t go. 

Har-dee-har-har, God!

Then there was She Speaks.  I had the most amazing experiences at She Speaks last year and could not possibly believe that it wouldn’t be God’s will for me to go again this year.  After all, I had my appointment with not one, but two publishing companies confirmed, when I learned that God had other plans.  I really grumbled to God about this but there was a local ministry opportunity that I am so glad I did not miss!  God does know what He is doing.

That brings us to Young Lives camp.  As most of you know I work with pregnant and parenting teen girls as a mentor.  I truly love this ministry and the camp they put on for the girls every year is ah-mazing!  Ever the optimistic one about my physical limitations I was looking forward to attending the week long camp with my girls and seeing the transformation that God has in store for them firsthand.  They left for that camp this morning- without me.

That would be my husband’s fault.  He mentioned to my MS specialist that I was planning to go to a {mostly outdoor} camp experience in August {heat and MS don’t mix} and asked my doctor’s opinion. {I was going to go the route of not mentioning it to the doctor}.  Of course, the doctor said it would NOT be a good idea for me and my husband nixed my plans =( {yeah, yeah..I know he loves me..blah, blah, blah 😉 }  I was totally upset about that and felt like I was letting the ministry and my girls down.  But God!  He provided and they are on their way to have a blast and will tell me all about it when they return.

And what will I be doing while they are gone?  Funny you should ask.  I will be going to the one conference I didn’t have any desire to attend {except for the opportunity to see my friends}.  BlogHer ’10 is happening in NYC this weekend and tomorrow I will be on an Amtrak train with my friends going to stay at the Hilton in NYC and having a grand ole time!  I won a ticket from Global Influence {a wonderful network that I write for} and then got lucky enough to be on this #smores #roadtriptoblogher train. 

BlogHer ’09 was not my cup of tea.  Except, again, for forging real life relationships with my online friends.  I know that God obviously has something He wants me to get out of this trip as He so masterfully executed my attendance.  And, how lucky am I that I will be rooming with the fabulousness of @scrappinmichele, @reallifesarah and @carissarogers

I think I am going to have a great time, whether this was my plan or not!

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