Miss(ter) Independent

There is a thirst for independence in teenagers. 

An unseen force, pulling them away from dependence on their parents and toward a future they don’t see or understand. 

Yet, they respond heartily to the call and pull of that force, while we parents want to fight it with every fiber of our soul.

In a few short days, my husband and I will drop Jared and Matt (14 and 12) in Florida to stay two weeks with my dad and my brothers.  They are going to have a great time!  Adventures with Grandpa Bill, beach with Uncle Ian, amusement park with Uncle Tom..they are going to have fun and create special memories.

And, they are pumped.  Their mama is deflated.

They have never been away from me for this long.  They will fly home alone in two weeks. My feelings are hurt that they are so excited to get away from us {yes, I know that is not completely rational- thankyouverymuch!}

But, when I look at this from a learning standpoint- this is a wonderful opportunity for my boys.  They will be able to exert some independence in a safe environment.  They will create memories with men in their family that mean a lot to them and that they look up to. 

And, I will learn from this too.  I will learn that they will be fine without me there to remind them to brush their teeth, spend time in the Word, say their “please” and “thank-you’s” and more.  I will learn that I will be okay without them under my roof {for a short, predetermined amount of time}.

Boy, this independence stuff is hard! 

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