Sleeping with the dogs

I lay, nuzzled in the crook of my beloved’s arm.  The rhythmic beat of his heart begins to lull me to sleep.

Then, it happens. 

A little white furball (aka a 5 lb mini schnauzer named Chloe) needs to change positions and places her rump right under my chin.

My husband’s chest moves, as he begins to chuckle.  I adjust my position to accomodate Chloe and, in doing so, displace our chihuahua, Miles who had made himself comfortable above my head.

Incredulously, I ask my husband what he finds so humerous about these shenanigans.

“Did you ever think we would be THE people that let their dogs take over the bed?” he asks, still laughing.

I begin to laugh too which disrupts the dogs even more…they think it must be play time with all the fun we are having.

I ponder his question and the answer makes me smile.

You see, I have always been one of those people who would sleep with their dogs.  But, it wasn’t until a year ago, when little Chloe entered the picture and so effectively wrapped herself around my husband’s little finger (and penetrated his tough exterior), that he became one of those people too.

Good thing we have all boy children!

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