Moving past your past

Since I was pregnant when my {now} husband and I met, you would think that we would both have been comfortable about each other’s sexual past when we got married. 

You would think wrong.

He had a difficult time knowing that I had been promiscuous since a young age and I had a difficult time knowing that he hadn’t. I had a difficult time not experiencing shame and remorse.  He had a difficult time trusting that I wasn’t going to be unfaithful.

We had a difficult time.

Thankfully, Jesus entered the picture and our marriage less than a year after our vows.  Verses like Romans 8:1 patched up broken places in my heart with the life giving cement of forgiveness.  The entire book of Hosea helped my hubby realize that God planned for Mike to play a role in His pursuit of my heart.  God knew it would take a strong, loyal and patient man like my husband for me to ever be able to make love

As we discovered God’s design for marriage, we also discovered how the enemy seeks to insert evil {sexual abuse, pre-marital sex, pornography, etc} into a holy picture.

We discovered that God’s love and our love for each other really does cover a multitude of sins {I Peter4:8}.

We discovered that God doesn’t waste hurt and pain and while He remembers our sins no more, He allows us to remember the experience so that we can share our testimony with others.  To bring Him glory and to comfort each other {II Corinthians 1:3-7}- what a beautiful way to turn ashes into beauty {Isaiah 61:3}.

We discovered that sex, within marriage, can be a beautiful thing.  Once I allowed God to bind up my wounds and Mike allowed God to soothe his fears {Isaiah 61:1}, we were free to experience the sacredness of our most intimate times.

And freedom is what God wants for all of us {Galatians 5:1}.  That is why I can tell my children, with no reservations, that waiting for marriage is the right, the good, the God thing to do.  It is also why I can tell the teen moms that I work with that purity can start again, that just because you give something sacred away doesn’t mean it cannot be redeemed. 

Christ came to set us free…and I am free indeed.

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  1. Melissa- My heart just went through the roof reading your post. I could have written this post word for word. God has these words in my heart and OH how He has redeemed me, saved me, and blessed me with a wonderful Godly husband. Thank you for posting this today. 🙂

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