He loves me anyway

Prayer is the place where I’m invited to present the parts of myself that no one else sees to a God who already knows and loves me anyway. Margaret Feinberg

Do you ever go to battle with yourself?  I do.

I make plans (good plans) and God changes them.

I liked my plans and consider going ahead with them, even though I know they are outside of His will for me.

I rationalize until I convince myself that my plans are really God’s plans too.

I suppress the conviction that gently, yet steadily, taps on my heart.

And, sometimes I forge ahead and make a big mess with my plans.

But, more often than not, I have started, ultimately, listening to that tapping on my heart.  Knowing that in it lies my best interest, regardless of my plans.

And the One who stands at the door and gently taps, He loves me anyway.  Always.  He doesn’t tire of my inward dialogue.  He doesn’t think “why do I put up with this crazy, stubborn girl”?  He created me, He knows how I am. 

And He loves me anyway.

Unwrapping the gift of His unconditional love here today.


  1. Southern Gal says:

    “And He loves me anyway.” Amen.

  2. Yes God has our back. And it's such a good feeling!

  3. Oh how I needed to hear this today…sigh…

  4. His wonderous, unfailing love † Thanks for the beautiful reminder.


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