What is women’s work?

I wrote yesterday about how I am surrounded by testosterone in my world.  Three sons, hubby, brothers, nephews, etc.  So, the topic that Sheila is addressing over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum today is one I have considered more than once.

I do believe that the mother, the wife, is responsible for the household “work”.  Do I believe that means I have to do it all?  Absolutely not.  But, I am accountable for how my household operates.

Going back to the Proverbs 31 woman, the Bible says this:

She carefully watches everything in her household
      and suffers nothing from laziness. (verse 27)

Notice the Bible does not say, she carefully cleans everything in her household but that she watches.  She makes sure that everything gets done.  That what is important does not fall through the cracks.

Raising future husbands, I firmly believe they need to know how to do dishes and cook simple meals just as much as they need to know how to change a tire and mow the grass.  Thankfully, my husband agrees and we work together to equip our boys to be men with skills someday.

How do you handle the delegation of chores and tasks in your home? 


  1. I believe you are correct. Sadly, I work outside the home. I'd love to be at home, but it just hasn't happened. The housework tends to get neglected, but thanks to my husband, the kiddos have kept up the dishes for a few months now! I think I've maybe washed three dishes in the time.

  2. kristinemcguire says:

    Sounds like instruction and delegation to me 🙂 Good stuff.

  3. I agree, that's the attitude we approach it with. I'm surrounded by testosterone too and think it's important that boys learn to care for themselves. Chances are they will be single and living alone (or in a dorm) for at least a small period of their lives and it will serve them greatly to know how to do a load of laundry right off the bat. 🙂

  4. Kelly_Tabithas_Team says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head; we are the MANAGERS of the household, not the “do everything and pick up after everyone” of the household. And yes, we are responsible for raising capable children. To answer you question, my son does dishes daily, takes out the trash, mows the front lawn, and keeps up with vacuuming carpets – I don't have to have a schedule for him there b/c he just says “this floor is dirty I can't stand it” and grabs the vacuum. He also knows how to do the laundry and does so when needed. My younger daughter dusts and sweeps the hardwood floors and helps with other chores like sorting laundry when asked. She also has learned how to do the laundry to help when needed. My husband takes care of whatever is needed, most often bathrooms:) He's good at kicking the kids into gear when they slack off. Instead of having strict assignments, we are just teaching an attitude of caring what the home looks like and doing what is needed to maintain it – that we all are part of the family and everyone is responsible.

  5. I am thankful to have two daughters that I am training to help with the work of the household. My husband certainly helps by washing dishes and such from time to time – especially when he knows that I have a lot going on – but I do feel responsible for making sure that the household runs smoothly (at least most of the time! 🙂

  6. The best gift you can give your future daughter-in-law is a son who cleans toilets! So, Melissa–I think you're totally right! It's about management, not who cleans what.

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