Radically Changed

She was pretty.

She was fast.

She was fun.

She was purple (Tungsten grey to be exact).

She was an impulsive, reckless choice.

She was part of my American dream.

I really thought I had arrived, way back in May 2006, when the hubby and I purchased my pretty, fast, fun and purple Mustang with racing stripes.  I was rapidly climbing the corporate ladder and drowning out the call of the Holy Spirit by working harder, spending harder and “accomplishing” as much as I possibly could.

It took a while but the Holy Spirit won.  Through the dark valleys of 2007 and 2008 and the roller coaster of following God’s lead in 2009, He won.  I am so glad He did. 

But, to be completely honest, I often find myself mentioning how much I miss my car.

And after reading chapter one of Radical (Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream) as a family last night, it literally sickens me to admit that.  But, I need to. 

We need to.

I need to have the courage to admit to myself and to the world that our culture has watered down the gospel.  That Jesus did not say the American dream was His dream.  We have allowed ourselves to spin the Bible in a way that is comfortable to us yet despicable to Christ.

My family and I had tears in our eyes realizing the many ways we have bought into commercialized Christianity. We are actually looking forward (in a painful sort of way) to the ways that chapter 2 and beyond will stretch and grow us.  I want the promise of eternal satisfaction to be enough for me.

God has been growing our family to take in these words.  We see that now.  It may not be comfortable, we may not understand or even like the doors it opens but we see.  We are being radically changed by taking another look at what Jesus meant when He said “follow me”.  (Matthew 4:19).  I am not going to settle for a token donation to a face on my refrigerator every month.  I am going to learn to forsake, to follow, to surrender ALL. 

All to the One that came to die for me.  All to the One that bids me “come and die”.

I am trading my American dream in for a fishing pole.  Join me?


  1. I just picked up Radical today. I read part of the first chapter online and knew I'd want the whole book in hand before I continued. I know it will be a challenge and there'll be attitudes and things (like my little love affair with Target) that will have to be given up, but I know it will be so much better.

    What you said is sad and yet so true, “We have allowed ourselves to spin the Bible in a way that is comfortable to us yet despicable to Christ.”

  2. I am inspired by how your family worships together. I'm Catholic. I was brought up to worship quietly at home or in church. I need to sit down with my children more often and chat about issues.

    • thanks Jill. It is a great opportunity to hear what your kids think about
      things that wouldn't necessarily come up in every day conversation.

  3. I just finished the audio series. That's some heavy stuff, and calls for some heavy repentance. See you at the finish line!


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