I am willing

I have long known one of the major areas God wanted me to minister in, I just didn’t like it.  But ever since I wrote this post in October of last year God has been revealing His path for my life right now.  I didn’t like it

Until I surrendered to it. 

 Now I am truly in awe of what a mighty God we serve and what He can accomplish through our willingness to lay down our “likes” to be used for His glory.

There are many stories in my life that God can use to illustrate His redemptive love.  Some I am more comfortable with sharing than others.  But the words (probably a paraphrase) of Beth Moore echo in my heart-

God is not concerned with our comfort, He is concerned with our calling. 

And in the last few weeks I have witnessed first hand the amazing power of God coupled with a willing (yet scared to death) heart:

  • a desire to connect with moms of all ages through a local event has turned into a HUGE event and opportunity to share God’s love with a lot of people.  God has provided for every.single.detail I threw at Him as reasons why the event wouldn’t work or would be limited due to resources.  Please pray for our local Mom’s Nite Out event this Thursday evening!
  • a position on a committee for a teen mom’s ministry has catapulted me into situation after situation where I am using my experience as a teen mom for God’s glory (that would be the story I like sharing the least because it is about mistakes I made.  God has humbled my heart and reminded me that it is not my story, it is His.)  Seeing women moved to tears through the words God places on my heart is overwhelming.  Accepting the love that He pours out to me through my decision to make myself vulnerable is overwhelming.  Watching God move through a community, opening hearts and hands, is overwhelming.  God is amazing!
  • Events, activities and opportunities that I thought were important (to me and to God) are being removed from my path.  Doors are closing firmly in one direction while doors I didn’t even know existed are being flung open.  As I step through each one (with fear and trembling) God beckons me.  Dream bigger, dream crazier, dream My dreams….and as I dare to dream, my faith increases and my wildest dreams seem so small compared to God’s plan.

While I don’t know where this path will ultimately lead me I am not near as worried about the outcome as I used to be.  I am just savoring this ride with God, this time of feeling so close to Him and not wanting it to ever end. 

 No matter what story He wants me to tell or how He wants me to tell it- I am willing.

No matter where this path leads or how much of it He chooses to reveal at a time- I am willing.

No matter who thinks what or understands where He is leading my family- I am willing.

No matter how difficult or downright out of my comfort zone His call is- I am willing.

No matter when God asks me to serve Him- I am willing.

No matter why I don’t want to do His will or reasons I can rationalize His will away- I am willing.

Romans 12 states that offering our bodies as living sacrifices is a spiritual act of worship.  I am simply His vessel.  And I am willing.

Please know that the strength and resolve to do His will comes only from God.  Nothing good comes from me, it is Him alive in me and working through me.  Thank you, Jesus for the privilege.


  1. Melissa, I admire your obedience … especially when it comes with much fear and trembling. What a powerful testimony! Cannot wait to see how God is going to use your willingness for His glory!

  2. shawnabrown says:

    Melissa that is so awesome. The picture in mind is of you just letting go and falling, with the biggest smile, because you know its His arms that will catch you. That is just incredible to me. I'm striving for that day, and I pray that I will get to that point sooner than later.

  3. So happy for you!!! I believe that if things are meant to be, then they go easier. It's when we try to fight it that we get in trouble.

  4. what a beautiful post. so happy for all your successes!


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