Happy Birthday, Jared

You are confident.

You are social.

You are proud.

You are moody.

You are intelligent.

You are funny.

You are generous.

You are friendly.

You are industrious.

You are passionate.

You are….

a lot like your mama.

Which is why we bump heads and disagree and say we are sorry and move on until the next time that we bump heads and disagree…

Happy Birthday, my first born (of my womb) son. You are growing up so fast and in many ways I have grown up with you.  Thank you for being patient with me. 

Time is going by way too fast.  It seems like yesterday, I was just a scared seventeen year old waiting to meet her destiny.  All 5lbs 6 oz of him.  And now, you are almost as tall as me, tan and strong, golden skin and pesto colored eyes.  You challenge your dad and I everyday- particularly with this adolescent stuff– but we couldn’t love you more!

I can’t wait to see all the things God has in store for your life.  Your willingness to be used by Him and for Him is inspiring and remarkable.  You were made to be a blessing and you fulfill that purpose every day.

Thank you for being you.


  1. mjroberson5 says:

    Aw! Happy Birthday to your “little man” too! 🙂

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