Slavery exists today!

Friday night I had the pleasure of attending a concert with awesome music by Natalie Grant, Britt Nicole and Phil Stacey. (yes, I was loving life!)

I also had the opportunity to learn about an initiative turned non-profit organization, founded by Natalie Grant, to help victims of human trafficking here in the United States and abroad.  The Home Foundation was founded by Natalie in 2005, after she witnessed the horrific realities of human trafficking in person while on a trip to Mumbai in India.  The mission of the Home Foundation is simple: to help those who might otherwise not be helped. You can follow the Home Foundation on Twitter and find them on Facebook as well.

I wanted to share the information about this agency with you, my readers, in case your hearts would be moved to help this cause.  There are details of how you can do just that on the site.  I was made aware of the issue of human trafficking by my friend, Kristi Stephens, who did a wonderful series on her blog recently to bring awareness to the issue and my heart has been moved for the girls and women affected by this ever since.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is an absolutely beautiful song by Britt Nicole called How the Lost Get Found.


  1. This is a sad thing that happens and my heart breaks! I wish I had super powers to change the world! Thanks for sharing! God Bless-Have a gorgeous day! I'm going to their twitter page:)

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