Have you ever wrestled with memories? 

Memories can evoke the warm fuzzies, can make us smile or laugh out loud.  Memories can remind us how blessed we are and can get us through a difficult time.

Memories can also be painful, reminding us of a time of despair or sorrow.  Memories can make us weep, cringe and cause us to shake our heads at the decisions we have made in the past.

God’s memory is something that we can’t comprehend

He has the ability to forget our sins- as far as the east is from the west so far has He removed our transgressions from us Psalm 103:12.  God takes our sins and hurls all our iniquities into the depths of the sea Micah 7:19.

God has not seemed to share that gift with us and I am kind of glad He didn’t.  Remembering my sin(s) is one of the things that keeps me from repeating them.  Remembering where God has brought me from keeps me thankful and humble.  Being able to share my memories, my story, with other’s for His glory is part of His plan for my life.

But sometimes there are things we don’t want to remember.  Painful, yucky things have happened to me and it is painful and yucky to remember them.  Sometimes memories don’t make sense.

For thirteen years my father and I did not speak.  That was my choice and mostly related to unpleasant memories of my childhood.

During that time I held onto my yucky and painful memories as rationale for continuing the broken relationship.  The strange thing, at least to me, was that every year, around the time of my birthday (my dad always made birthdays special) I would have two distinct positive memories of times with my dad.  Those memories were probably more painful to me than remembering some of the yucky ones because it made me uncomfortable with my decision to just cut my dad out of my life.

One memory was of a time when I was probably five or six years old and my dad and I made an art project out of the letters of my name.  He drew elaborate things that made my little girl self smile.

I hated those memories.  I look back on journals from those years and I was crying out to God to let me forget those “good” memories because they hurt so much.  They made me miss my dad and remember that my childhood wasn’t all bad. 

It was so much easier to hang on to my bitterness and anger when I remembered things as all bad.  But God wouldn’t allow that and I didn’t understand why.

Then, after this experience, when God really got a hold of me about relinquishing unforgiveness and restoring relationships, it was those very memories that I had cried out for God to remove that were the catalyst for restoring my relationship with my dad.  Reconciliation wouldn’t have occured if I only remembered the bad.

God is my Romans 8:28 God, His ways really are beyond our comprehension.  I begged Him to take those memories away and now I am so glad, that in His omnipotent wisdom, He didn’t answer that prayer the way I thought I wanted it answered.

Memories are a gift from God.

  What are some of your favorite memories?


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