Holy Week- The day after

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I purposefully didn’t post yesterday because anything I would have said would have been dark, heavy and possibly too much.  Nothing we can ever imagine or do would properly convey the agony Jesus suffered on that day.  Facing separation from His Father (even if temporarily) and bearing the weight of the world’s sins on his shoulders, it brings tears to my eyes to even type that.

Which brings us to today.  The day after.  Christ’s beaten, bruised body laid in a tomb.

Can you imagine what his mother was feeling?  what his disciples were going through?  what the people who had witnessed his miracles and mercy firsthand were pondering?

Did they have doubt?  Were they confused?  Were they beside themselves with grief over losing one who meant so much?

We know the end of the story…the good news.  Tomorrow, we will celebrate the glorious resurrection that was part of God’s plan all along.

But today, allow yourself to sympathize with what the people must have felt.

I know that I have felt doubt in my life.  Wondered where God was in a particular situation.

I know that I have been confused and wondered how something in my life could really be part of God’s plan.

I know that I have grieved, many times, over losing someone important to me and not understanding why.

My guess is that you have too.

Thank God that we are not stuck in the day after.  Thank God that this story does not end here.  Thank God for tomorrow!

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