Physical Issues with Teens

I have had both of my boys at the doctor in the last month for physical complaints.  One issue I can’t discuss here (some stories are our kids to tell) but I can talk in generalities about the things going on.

For instance, Jared (13) has been having lower back pain.  He is a tough kid, athletic and rarely complains.  Turns out that since the basketball season is over he hasn’t been stretching before shooting hoops with his friends (which he does daily after school).  His hamstrings are so tight it is affecting his other muscles.

The treatment? Rest (aka no basketball for two weeks, ibuprofen and ice).  He is not happy!

Anyway, this led me to wonder if some of the other physical changes happening in my boys are “normal”.  So I turned to my trusty friend Google and got some answers for the following (which you should obviously consult your physician about or do your own google search ;)):

  • My boys sleep ALOT!  Is this ok? Short answer seems to be yes!  During adolescence sleep patterns in kids are changing.  Most doctors (including our pediatrician) recommend keeping bedtime routines the same, even on the weekends, to maximize quality sleep patterns. Nice in theory, huh?  I look forward to Saturday mornings when I don’t have to fight with my boys for them to wake up.
  • My kids eat like they might never see food again.  What is up with that? One pediatrician says that growing adolescents need up to 3500 calories a day to sustain the 2-4 inches they will grow per year.  That is a lot of calories!! No wonder it seems like they are always hungry- they are!
  • My tween boy seems allergic to the shower?  Help! As the mama of three boys, with my youngest going through this phase right now, I can assure you that it is just a phase.  Both of my older boys went through this around 10-11 years of age.  Matt is 12 so hopefully he will be outgrowing this soon.  In the meantime, we use lots of Axe body spray and air freshener.  Jared and Jason also went through this phase and now, both of them spend more time primping in the bathroom then I do!

There are plenty more issues I could talk about and would love to hear what mama’s of teen/tween girls deal with as well.

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  1. kristen_momssharpeningmoms says:

    Holy smokes…I can't tell you how happy I am that you wrote this. My twin 10 year old boys seem allergic to water and still ask if they “have to use soap” when they shower. Ummm…YES!?!? It's good to know this won't last forever.

    And 3500 calories a day? No wonder they are hungry all the time!

    Thanks, Melissa! Have a great day!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog with such lovely comments.

    I have 3 teenaged girls, so I can relate. I have learned to let them sleep when there's nothing going on. It's crazy. When they're allowed to, they sleep more than a newborn infant! But, with all that growing, I guess a body gets tired.

    And growing up, (I have 6 siblings, 3 of them older brothers), my mother would have to have my sisters and I go to the grocery store with her because we needed 2 carts for all the food, mainly because of my brothers. I can still remember coming home from school and watching my brother make 4 sandwiches and polishing them off. My brothers were all athletes, too, which doesn't help the situation.

    Having all girls, there are way too many showers around here. While boys find no thrill in grooming, girls revel in it.

  3. What a cool meme! I'll try to remeber to contribute next week 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like you have your hands full with a house full of boys! I love that your son's favorite band is Skillet instead of some mainstream band. Keep raising them right, and definitely go see Skillet and/or TobyMac in concert if you ever get the chance. They both did a GREAT job!

  5. My 12yo also eats as though he might never see food again. I know he eats more than I do, and he's been doing that for at least a year. On the other hand, I think he sleeps less than most kids his age. I'd be happy if he didn't wake up at 6:00 on Saturday mornings!


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