March Madness Mama Style

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I have never been a big basketball fan- football, yes!  Basketball, not so much.

That was before I had kids- boys, to be specific.  My two oldest have been playing some type of sport since they were in kindergarten.  Jason settled on soccer and Jared has settled on basketball.

ESPN is on in our home most of the time unless by some undercover mission I have managed to get control of the remote.  Six in the morning while the boys are getting ready for school they are listening to the ESPN guys drone on and on discuss the stats from the night before.

I never thought I would be thankful for such a thing but today I am unwrapping the gift of passive listening.

You see, every morning I can’t help but hear the details and I halfway listen because my kids are listening.

Last night that paid off.  Our church is doing a just for fun March Madness competition thingy where you sign up on and choose a bracket [more on that in a minute].

I sat with my hubby and boys while we chose our bracket.  The boys were so excited to forecast who they think will win, who will be a surprise team that does well, etc.

And I could give input.

My input wasn’t always on target but my kids were SO impressed that I knew the names of some of the players and had a favorite team.

Let me just tell you that when you are a mama raising adolescent boys the chances to connect can seem few and far between.

So today I am unwrapping the gift of choosing to insert myself in their lives, in their interests and making our relationship relevant.

Now I am actually excited about watching college basketball tonight!  Who would’ve thunk it?

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  1. you are an awesome Mama. I often wonder how relevant I will be in my son's life in a few years. I can CHOOSE to “Insert” myself. Thanks for the reminder

  2. realifebrianna says:

    Love this! My husband and I are going to do the same thing, only as a fun little “bet” with each other. What a fun way to connect. And it makes me want to actually watch basketball with him. How fun for your boys to see you have fun with this. 🙂

  3. beyondgracegirl says:

    and we gotta choose.. don't we? i have blocked out my share of kids droning on… but i like to think i might be able to kow when it matters. i really try to listen… relaly. good for you for making the extra effort. i bet they went off and told their friends how amazing you were to know the names!!

  4. kellylangnersauer says:

    so fun – I saw how busy your blog is and thought – “wow, she's multitasking, and she's good! I'm learning this same thing about investing recently – with my two little ones. guess you never stop, do you?

  5. I was never into any sports but my son has taken a great liking to basketball and is a huge LeBron James fan. He played on a team for the first time and I was actually jumping up and down and yelling “Go Nicolas!” My daughter thought I had lost it. It takes on a whole new meaning when your kids are involved.

  6. good for you! it's funny the things that i never used to like before marrying my husband — sometimes the joy that another gets from a passion of theirs rubs off on you …

  7. It is so hard to find common ground. I have tween/teen girls. You would think there would be lots of common ground, but no. They love fashion and music and I don't. I bond with the older one about Project Runway. I love programs about fashion…just not a fashionista! We love the show. The tween and I play games.


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