Fleeting Moments

As my boys grow up (up and up and up) I miss the days when my lap was their favorite seat.  When my hugs and kisses were welcomed.  When I was “the prettiest gwirl” in the world.

But that was then and this is now.  Now, my mere existence makes me the most embarrassing woman on the planet.  And kisses- ha!  Wiped off quicker than chocolate frosting from a doughnut.  Yet, the dogs can lick their face- can someone explain that to me?

Anyway, I digress.  Fridays are about finer things and Friday favorites.

That is why I smile to myself, as I type this post, and my 13 year old son’s head rests on my lap as he sleeps his cold/ear infection away.  I know these moments are fleeting- they are few and far between.

So I will sit here all day if need be and cherish every moment.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! My sons are 14 and 13, are both taller than me and think they're invincible. Hope he feels better soon!

  2. I know I will miss those moments that I'm sharing with my precious three year old right now. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. i better get the kisses from my little man while i still can! : )

  4. *sniff sniff* *snort* Oh, man! You mean to tell me they grow up?
    I guess I'll be happy not to deal with diapers, but surely they won't ever be embarrassed of me, right? Especially not since I write about them and show picture of their hineys on a pretty regular basis. I'm sure they'll be fine with that. 🙂
    What a precious moment. I'm so glad you captured it. Thanks for the great reminder.

  5. Aw! =)

  6. doingthemomthing says:

    Aww, how sweet. It makes me feel better to know that you still get to enjoy moments like that every now and then, even when they're older and think you're not cool anymore (but you know that deep, deep down they still cherish these moments too). : )

  7. givinguponperfect says:

    My daughter already – at 2 1/2 – pushes me away when she doesn't feel like getting kisses. So I treasure those sweet moments of snuggling anytime I can get them!

  8. alfecia says:

    Oh I know exactly what you mean! These years are passing by way too fast my friend!

  9. reallifesarah says:

    Aw, so sweet! When they're sick, they're so cuddly, huh? I know my girls will probably go through this too, but I'm hopping not 😉

  10. Such a great reminder! Even my 6yo is too busy for me sometimes. I need to grab those moments while I can!

  11. TheIncredibleShrinkingWoman says:

    I love that the dog's licks are more acceptable than Mama kisses. How I feel you on that one! My girls are even hot and cold on the hugs and kisses sometimes!

  12. They grow too fast. Wish there was a way to freeze them!

  13. They definitely are fleeting. 🙁 It is hard to believe our first is almost old enough to get her permit and my youngest will be in 7th this next school year. WOW! I remember when they were born.

  14. AWWW! We have to take those little moments when they come. they really do grow up way too quickly. it's not cliche either, it's true!

  15. I am trying to enjoy all the kisses I can get now!!! Thanks for the reminder!


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