Road Trip

Yesterday I had the privilege of accompanying a friend of mine to the Virginia Baptist Resource Center in Richmond to deliver medical supplies our church family had donated to the relief effort in Haiti. All the items collected from our church and various other churches in the association will be combined with the donations from churches across the country and delivered to Haiti early next week.

When we arrived we expected to just drop off the donations and leave.  But, we got swept up in the amazing number of donations and amount of work to be done and ended up staying for a few hours to help sort, box and weigh the donations to prepare them for shipment.  What an honor to be a (teeny tiny) part in helping those devastated by the earthquake in Haiti.

Now we prepare for our next phase of assistance, a project called Buckets of Hope.  Bridget and I prayed that God would help us find a place where we could buy 5 gallon buckets (with lids) without it taking all day.  We had called and stopped at several Wal-Mart’s with no luck.  Then we prayed and stopped at a Lowe’s in the Richmond area.  We walked in and a kind gentleman asked what we were looking for.  When we told him what we needed and why, he helped us gather 50 buckets (from one store- yay!) and even gave us a discount.  Go God!

The following is a beautiful video of Christian recording artists coming together for the Haiti relief effort.  While it has been four weeks since this tragedy occurred it will be years before that country will be able to (even begin) recover.  Let us come together now and not forget that we are called to help our fellow brothers and sisters!

Helping others is a Finer Thing!

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  1. That's awesome! I'm from Richmond, hubby works for the VA Baptist Mission Board.

  2. amen! so great that you were able to do that. it makes me sad because i know that as time passes, people so easily forget. may we christians always be in prayer for this nation and always willing to give give give to their cause! so that Jesus may be glorified!!! what a sweet song!

  3. MutheringHeights says:

    That is so awesome!!!

  4. Such a great thing to be a tangible, physical part of the help. So much hurting in our world!


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