Multi-Tasking Monday

I am starting my own theme for Mondays as I have so much to share…

First, my vlog for Monday Mingle, hosted by Eighty MPH Mom.

The questions this week were:

Do you have siblings?  Did you want more or less siblings when you were growing up?

What was your wedding song?

Did you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?

Tell us something special about your spouse/partner

Here are my answers:

Then I need to give you my Mamavation update.  I am down another 2.3 lbs this week (which is absolutely amazing considering all the awesome food we had at Blissdom).  I have not been able to walk outdoors because there is 4 feet of snow on the ground but the hubby and I did a lot of unpacking/cleaning so I am assuming that is where I burnt off most of the calories.  I continue to drink ice water and the occasional glass of juice with club soda.  I know that staying away from soda is really helping with the weight loss.  We have switched completely to whole wheat bread (still getting a little complaining from the family on this) and brown rice in my quest to make the switch to whole grains.

Last but not least is my Bible in 90 days progress. Confession time:  I am behind AGAIN.  Having the hubby, kids and 3 dogs cooped up in the house with me all week, after falling behind while at Blissdom, has me still in Job when my #b90days gals are in (one of my favorite books) the Psalms.

I have a plan to catch up (that is how I caught up the last time I was behind) and with the kids (hopefully) going back to school tomorrow I can get back in to my normal routine.

I also need to say that it was amazing to meet so many other women going through the challenge.  Some of us got together for coffee Friday morning at Blissdom and sharing our thoughts, struggles, insights and more was incredible.

That is all for this fine Monday morning!  Head over here to see my menu plan for the week and to enter to win some money saving coupons.

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  1. Just remembered you to our heavenly Father. Praying that you'll get caught back up and enjoy finishing with everyone. Well done for your weight loss!

  2. So happy you made it home safely! What a pretty wedding song! We are not that big into Valentines Day here either. We always just try to do something fun with the kids. Have a great week! Happy Monday!

  3. Happy you made it home safely. Grrr. at all the snow you are having.
    YEAH for SKYPE! Love it.
    Hope you had a great Vday.
    I always wanted a sister too.
    I have sisters in law so its OKAY….:)

  4. mellisarock says:

    What a welcome home!! A Blizzard!! Glad you were able to get home safely!! I love Faith Hill too — and that is such a beautiful song!!

    I think that's what we all need — someone to just let us be! 🙂 Have a great week!

  5. Hi! Oh that snow sounds AWFUL. Glad you made it home safe! UGH. I would have slept too LOL
    I have a sister that is 11 yrs younger and the age difference sure is difficult for getting close to her.
    Yay for country music! I love faith hill and tim mcgraw!
    WOW, married at 18? that is young but it is sooooo great that you have grown and changed together. So neat!

  6. OH DEAR GAWD with the drive woman. Holy cow. So happy to see your beautiful face!! See I love brothers they are just awesome. How weird to have such a baby brother…truly a baby brother. Sounds like my family. Awe Faith Hill and Tim McGraw such a great song….and I hear you on spending stupid money….WOOT! I agree we do fun eats with the kids.

    I am so happy to see your beautiful face!!

  7. wholelivinggal says:

    You can definitely get caught up with the #b90days reading! I got behind this week, too – being out of normal routine throws everything off.

  8. Woot woot on the weight loss!! Good job! I know how hard it is to lose weight around conferences. I kept asking for gluten free meals all weekend…I”m sure I drove everyone nuts. lol

    I've done that read the bible in 90 days thing..but I think I finished it in 65 days cause I'm like an overachiever like that. (I did it twice…but don't remember

  9. angelasue79 says:

    Hooray for losing weight! You are doing so well with getting off the soda, so proud of you! It took my family almost 8 months to finally quit complaining about the whole wheat bread, tortillas, buns, English muffins, but they are finally over it. I feel your pain there!! LOL. Have an amazing week!

  10. It was so neat to see you in person. YOu are adorable. I always wanted a sister and only had a brother. So glad my girls have each other…my son has been asking for a brother though. Yikes. Woo hoo for the pounds lost! Keep it up.

  11. lastminutemandy says:

    Yay for melding mamavation and mingles! I was on the other end of your snowed out of BWI prob – I was sitting in a hotel, waiting for one of the flights to open up! We finally left on Monday. Didn't mingle this week – been way too busy, but hope to hop back on it next week.

    Congrats on the loss! I definitely gained this week – at my first conference. So great job! And fantastic switching to whole grains. The family will get used to it eventually, promise!

  12. Melissa you are doing awesome!! Look at all that you are involved with! Congrats on the loss 🙂 Keep focused and you will succeed in no time!! xo

  13. Wow!! That was quite the drive . . . Blissdom would have been so much fun! I enjoyed your vlog and hope you are having a great week!! Following your blog now too!

  14. Two brothers? Wow LOL. I am glad you are close now, and isn't Skype wonderful? I wanted a sister too…I never got one : ( How cool that you did finally get a sister. A 3 year old brother…oh boy. You got more than you bargained for – but it sounds fun!

    Oh your song choice is beautiful…I absolutely love that song. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are a couple of my favorites. I like your style!

    Mmmm I like your Valentine's idea. Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies right? Add ice cream to that and you have the perfect dessert.

    Your husband sounds like a very caring man…and like he has your best interest at heart. I think that is so important.

    Thanks for mingling!

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