Of Love and Snowstorms

Our pastor reminded us Sunday that love is a verb, an action, a choice.  After being trapped snowed in with my family all week I can certainly attest to this fact.

You know you love your testosterone driven hubby and boys when:

  • the cries of “doorknob” and subsequent running through (your much smaller than before, mind you) house doesn’t irritate you any more.
  • you can tune out the noise of video games playing throughout the house 22 out of the 24 hours in a given day because the blowing snow and blizzard conditions have kept them indoors ALL DAY
  • you go to make dinner and realize that the ingredients for the dish (that is on the menu that takes time for you to plan) have been eaten as an experiment for “what tastes good on Ritz crackers” so you just make omelets and move on
  • you willingly put snow pants, gloves, hats and a bazillion pairs of socks in the dryer 20 times a day so that the boys can play in the snow (and go in and out and in and out and in and out) as many times a day as they want
  • you lovingly prepare hot cocoa with mini marshmallows EVERY time they come in from going in and out and in and out of the snow.
  • you put on your snow boots and get out your camera so they can show off igloos, snow tunnels and forts (that all really look the same but who am I to critique snow architecture?) most every time they go in and out and in and out to play in the snow
  • you stop cringing when the doorbell rings, knowing that it is the neighborhood kids who will now join your boys in going in and out and in and out which just means more clothes in the dryer and more hot cocoa to serve

I love them, that is for sure, but if school gets canceled tomorrow I may very well lose my mind. 

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  1. Too funny! It is definitely different having boys in the house. It teaches you a whole different level of love. Thanks for the laugh and the insight. Hope the kids go back to school tomorrow!

  2. Very cute, now with a girl, it is putting their gloves on, adjusting the pants inside the boot just right, and oh, texting the neighbor to say she will be out in one minute. LOL. I wish I read this last week…I never thought of it quite like that. Next time I will.

  3. reallifesarah says:

    Oh, gosh, Melissa, I can totally relate!!! We're about to do it all again, now that we're back from Disney. It was 70 degrees when we left, and it's 20 degrees here now 🙁 It's going to snow all week, Ahhh, REDRUM!!

  4. Oh my – have I been there! Just don't forget the mini-marshmallows! And the “what really tastes good on a Ritz cracker” contests! Oh yeah! They must be like the “man contests” my guys do – who can concoct the craziest thing and eat it without gagging. Gotta love our guys! 🙂

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