From bliss to blizzard

I went from this:

photo courtesy of Secret Agent Mama

to this:

the view from my front door (last night before more snow came!)

Crazy with a capital C!  This storm, blizzard, whatever you want to call it is ridiculous!  The federal government has been closed for three days in a row! We are happily snowed in (meaning the house is cleaner then ever, I am unpacked, we have watched every movie we own) and the kids have made snow tunnels, caves and a whole snow family.

Just a quick note to Mother Nature…you can stop now.  Thanks!

What are you doing to maintain your sanity in this snowstorm?

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  1. I'm shoveling, blogging, and reading. 🙂

  2. MutheringHeights says:

    LOL, but I LOVE snow!!!

  3. I wish my house was cleaner than ever. Maybe I need a snow storm here.

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