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I first heard about The Bible in 90 days challenge on Twitter (and if you don’t tweet, this is just another reason to hop on the bandwagon with the rest of us 😉

Reading through the entire Bible is something I have only done two other times in my life and both times were quite a while ago.  Having the accountability and encouragement from other moms going through the same program sounded great to me.  And what better way to start off the year?

Of course when you commit to doing something like this, the  enemy is not happy.  So, I knew to be expecting some hurdles to this endeavor, which we have committed to doing January 1st through March 31, 2010.

The last few days (part of the road trip gone wrong: watch for post on Wednesday) have not been conducive to reading of any kind and I was already feeling defeated.

But, then I started to catch up on the reading and was immediately blessed.  In our reading from yesterday (way back in Genesis) we are reminded to bring our petitions to God because He is listening (and remembers).

I was immediately encouraged and caught up with the reading.  It is not too late for you either…why don’t you join us in this quest to get deep in God’s word in 2010?  Your faithfulness will surely be rewarded.

Leave me a comment if you are going to join the challenge so I can check up on you hold you accountable!

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  1. I already have a Bible reading plan for 2010, but I would love to journey with you by praying for you Melissa! You are so right, the enemy is not happy, but we are not unaware of his schemes! (2 Cor 2:11). I will pray for you each morning ~ that any and all distractions would be removed, and that you would continue to be encouraged by the Word each day!!
    Happy New Year to you!! May 2010 be filled with much joy, peace, good health, and love!!

  2. Thank you Cindy! I appreciate your prayers and friendship so much!

  3. Glad you are reading as well. So far I am on target. Who knew there were so many rules?

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