The road trip from…

well, you know where!   H-E-double hockey sticks, as we used to say when I was younger.

The next time that I agree to drive to Florida from West Virginia, by way of Indiana (don’t ask) will someone please tell me to read this post and remember the nightmare of our Florida trip to see family?  Thanks!

We set off the day after Christmas to meet my nephew’s family halfway (somewhere in Ohio) so that he could go to see his dad (my brother) in Florida for the holiday break.

We would be me, two of my sons (the 13 and 12 year olds), my mother in law and my brother in law. I needed other drivers on the trip since 1.) I am not supposed to drive long distances (ha!) and 2.) my hubby couldn’t get the time off to come with us.

During our trip the following things happened:

  • nephew’s family did not meet us halfway and we ended up having to drive all the way to Indianapolis to pick him up
  • We had to stop twice on the way to Indianapolis to change the headlight and windshield wiper blades on my MIL’s van
  • It was snowing so an eight hour trip took 10 hours
  • We picked up my nephew around 1opm Saturday evening and took turns driving while the kids slept.
  • Around 3:45am and somewhere in TN we hear a funky noise coming from the car
  • We stop at a truck stop to investigate.  I make sad puppy dog eyes at the mechanics there and they look at the van.
  • They tell us there is something wrong with the wheel bearing and axle and we shouldn’t drive it any farther.
  • The reality that we are stranded in TN on a Sunday sinks in while trying to entertain my children and 5 year old nephew at the truck stop while we devise a plan.
  • We find that Enterprise is open on Sundays but only the one location that does NOT come pick you up (they should really mention that in the fine print of those promising commericials).  So, MIL and I take a taxi to the Nashville airport to rent a car.
  • After eight hours of being stranded at the truck stop we get back on the road to FL.
  • I had asked the rental company for a mini van and they considered a Jeep Commander comparable.  Ha!  We drove with kids sitting on pillows, suitcases and duffle bags were at everyone’s feet except the person driving.  OMgoodness, we were cramped.


I won’t even go into the drama of the Ebay sale gone wrong, the snow storm at home that kept us watching for when we could come home and how you should really make sure you loooove your MIL before traveling 36 hours in a vehicle with her (one way).  Do you feel my pain yet?

So, what made the trip worth it?  Getting to see this little guy (my nephew Trey) who has grown so much since I was down there in November.


Needless to say, no more road trips planned for this mama.  I don’t care how much the airlines are price gouging at the holidays…we fly or we don’t go. period!

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  1. We went on a road trip to Florida three years ago and I thought that was bad. Glad you got there and home safely

  2. what a fun trip. it is a lot of work to go on trips…

    Happy WW…

  3. Well, based on that darling little face at the end of the road, I’m still thinking you don’t regret it. 🙂

  4. great pics. I hear ya on the flying!!

  5. Oh, you are speaking my language!! We must have crossed paths in the middle of the night in Indiana somewhere because we made that nightmare trip as well from VA to IL. On the way there it took 18 hours and on way back it took 2 days thanks to all the snowstorms in IN and OH. Sigh – I am trying to permanently erase it from my memory, my car and the stains on my kids clothes!

  6. Oh man what a trip. We have never had any trouble traveling…Thank God…cause He knows how much I hate to travel at all…so I think God allows are travel to be boring…if you know what I mean.
    What a sweet little guy. Babies make everything better:)

  7. Ha! Sounds like you handled that well. I’m glad you didn’t have any babies or toddlers with you cause that would have been………..I don’t want to think about it.

  8. Oh my goodness, sounds like you had fuuuuun. lol

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