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I joined the Bible in 90 days challenge and have posted about it before. Our reading focused on Leviticus for most of the week last week.

I admit that I went into it kind of rolling my eyes and being irritated about all the do’s and don’ts.  (You have to understand that I spent many years during childhood in a very strict sect of a very erroneous denomination.  Therefore I get very rankled when I start reading the “rules” I was expected to follow for so long.)

God really used this reading to give me a fresh perspective on this part of the Bible.  We read in Numbers that Moses was leading over 600,000 people to the Promised Land.

Can you imagine being responsible for that many people, in the desert, living in tents?

The Israelites had lived in Egypt, where everything was decided for them.  They lived as slaves with very little rights.  Then they go into the desert…and I venture to guess they needed some rules, some guidelines, some direction.

Suddenly, it made sense to me.  The Mosaic law wasn’t that different from the laws that we have in our country to prevent anarchy and lawlessness.

We know as mothers that children need boundaries, guidelines, structure.  That is what the law was providing.

I needed that fresh perspective.  I understood that God was looking out for the greater good.  Many of the rules instructed the people how to handle infectious diseases, how to handle mildew…God was looking out for their best interest.

I am so thankful He is still concerned with the best interest of those that believe.

Can’t wait to discover more hidden treasures during this amazing challenge.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing really well and definitely hearing God speaking to you. I’m about to sign off and pray for your continued reading.. and hearing of His voice. 🙂
    Thanks for linking up!

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