Expect the Unexpected

Today for Thankful Thursday, our host Lynne chose the theme of being thankful for the unexpected.

Ha! That could be the theme of my life so I decided to do a little time line post of how God took the unexpected (to me, not to Him) and worked it for good in my life.

  • Time in foster care When I was a tween girl my family imploded.  The result was myself (and eventually my brothers) being removed from our home for a time.  While I am fortunate that my time in foster care  was not long term (about a year and then I went to live with my grandparents) I am thankful for it now.  It softened my heart and created a passion in me for orphans and foster children to have forever families.
  • Teen pregnancy While it can be argued that pregnancy should not have surprised me, given my promiscuous lifestyle at the time, I was nonetheless shocked when I learned I was pregnant at 16.  Those of you that know the rest of the story know that being a teen mom is what led me to finding the redeeming grace of Jesus.  How can I not be thankful for that?
  • Chronic Illness I certainly never imagined that diseases I cannot control would have such an impact on my life.  But, like only He can, God has used my inability to maintain my previous break-neck speed lifestyle to woo me back to His side.  I have such a feeling of purpose and peace that I didn’t know before I became ill.

I could go on and on about the way God has used unexpected trials to produce unlimited blessings and growth in my life.  And I am so thankful for every one!

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  1. Melissa,
    Every time I hear parts of your journey, I am in awe of God and His goodness and faithfulness in your life. How I would love to hear the whole story sometime!! May the Lord continue to use you to impact many for His Kingdom!! You are a treasure!! Many blessings to you! CIndy 🙂

  2. I'm amazed at how you've taken circumstances in your life and can see how the Lord used it for good. Way too many people never get over all of the dysfunction from their early years. I'm sure you've had struggles but I love how you look for the good that came out of it. And the most important and best result is that you are a child of the most high God who loves you with an everlasting love. How special is that?

    BTW, I love how you put together your connect area. You are so tech savvy.


  3. I, too, was a pregnant teen at 19 years old. I am so thankful for my little baby boy. Except he isn't a baby boy anymore….He is now 17 years old! Wow! He, along with all my other children, have been such a blessing in my life and I am so thankful for all of them!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  4. Your life has definitely been one of unexpected blessings. I love your list; it fills me with humility and awe of what God allows us to go through just so we can come to Him. This post has been a blessing, thanks.


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