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I am so excited to partner with Aircut and let my readers know about this innovative product.  Vacuum hair clippers…so cool.  Gone are the days of sweeping hair off the floor after my husband would use clippers on our three boys.  Gone are the days of the boys complaining of the itchy hair on their neck and shoulders- boy, do I wish these had been around 10 years ago!

In the last few years, with the whole I-am-too-cool-for-my-tween-britches thing going on in our home, the boys have been going to the hair salon.  My husband’s philosophy was crew cut or hair salon.

The fabulous thing about the Aircut is that with all the attachments and tapered 1/2″ attachment, Mike can accomodate the boy’s haircut desires without the expense of the salon.

Here is our first experience with the Aircut:

The boys were comfortable with the Aircut and the hubby wasn’t nervous.  In the past, using traditional clippers, some injuries occurred- cutting an ear by accident, etc.  You don’t have to worry about that with the Aircut as the attachments make the possibility of skin contact impossible.

Be sure to visit Aircut’s website for 10 reasons to buy an Aircut and a graph of how much money you can save by cutting your hair at home.

My husband is going to cut his hair next…be on the lookout for that vlog.

**Disclosure:  AirCut is a sponsor of and provided me with an AirCut to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine and not influenced by anyone.

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16 Responses to Aircut Review

  1. leahsegedie says:

    OMG…that thing looks so cool! I got to get me one!

  2. melissafullcircle says:

    How totally awesome is that??? LOVE the fact there's no itchy necks or massive cleanup!! Awesome end result (and great eyebrow tricks!!). We're always looking for ways to save $ and this is a product I will be checking out!!! Great review.. THANKS!!

  3. That gave him a great haircut! It's good to know about this product as I have 2 boys myself (although, being young still, they don't have much hair…yet!).

    Great sponsor Melissa!


  4. melissafullcircle says:

    We're always looking for ways to save money and I will definately be checking out. On top of helping with the budget, the end result is awesome, there's no itchy neck and you're not sweeping hair for days to come. THIS is my kinda product!! Thank you!!!!!

  5. Ha! Loved the eyebrow move. :-)

    I have heard of these things but have never tried one. My husband haaates getting itchy after haircuts, but I refuse to pay for the salon. This might just do the trick. And I'm totally calling my hubs the unitasker now. 😉

  6. We could totally use one of these! I had to cut hubby's hair last night. It's ALWAYS a chore. Got smart last night & shook clippers off into a shoebox but still had to vaccuum when I was done. And cleaning the shower after I cut his hair…YUCK!

    Love the little eyebrow trick!

  7. jennifersavor says:

    This looks amazing. My 3 yr old screams and freska out at the itchy hair on his neck. Trust me, this could help save our ear drums.

  8. Heather says:

    Very cool! My brother-in-law just did our nephew's hair for the first time a couple weeks ago. This looks little less scary, especially now that he is at the squirmy toddler stage.

  9. Totally sweet mama! If not for the noise my kids would love that since its not close to their head or anything. Totally fabulous!

  10. EricaMueller says:

    Um, hello!!! Where was this product when I was cutting my brother's hair? After 5 of them + dad, we could fill a whole trashcan with hair… and I always ended up as itchy as they were!

    My little boy wouldn't like this yet, but when he gets a little we might have to get one!

  11. Michelle says:

    Whoa! That is so cool! I'll have to check into that sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jessie says:

    How neat! My husband used to have something like this to cut his hair, but this one looks so much cooler!
    If we ever have a boy, I'll look into the aircut, because well, you know my hubby is hairless now :)

    And LOL at the “eyebrow thing”!

  13. Aircut says:

    Great review, Melissa and so glad you had a positive experience with our product. Your son is hilarious and was a great “test subject”. I would also like to add that we are a small company with a large inventory, so we pride ourselves on customer service, but have great stock. I personally make sure we ship AirCuts out the same day they are ordered (weekend orders shipped monday). Our owner and I both use the AirCut and I will happily answer any questions and stand behind the AirCut. Thanks again, Melissa and have fun at Blissdom!
    ~Russell Roering,,

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