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To prove the fact that, despite the absence of a Christmas tree in our home right now, I am not Mrs. Scrooge I decided to swipe this meme from my friend Karie at The Five Fish.

Feel free to swipe it yourself, I would love to know your answers =)

1.) Have you started your Christmas shopping?

I am a professional organizer, people!  I started my Christmas shopping right after Christmas last year.

2.) Tell me about one of your special traditions.
We have a lot of fun traditions.  One of my favorites is driving around to look at Christmas lights and coming home to have hot cocoa with the boys.

3.) When do you put up your tree?

Is this question designed to rub in the fact that my tree is not up yet?  Sheesh!  We typically put it up on Black Friday after I get home from shopping and take a nap.  However, since we are moving this coming Monday, the tree is not up yet.

4.) Are you a Black Friday shopper?
Absolutely!  It is one of my holiday traditions.  This year was a little traumatic as a lady in front of me in line at Target passed out, hit her head HARD on the floor and an ambulance had to come.  Hope she is okay!

5.) Do you Travel at Christmas or Stay home?

Since we are the ones with kids in our family, everyone typically has come to us. We usually celebrate with my mom Christmas Eve and my hubby’s family comes over on Christmas morning.  Now that our boys are getting older it is easier for us to travel so it really varies by the year.  This year we will be staying home as we will still be getting settled.

6.) What is your funniest Christmas memory?
I loved the days when the boys were little and would come down to wake up my hubby.  I have the most adorable pictures of the three of them trying to wake Daddy (who was really awake and just pretending to be asleep for their benefit).

7.) What is your favorite Christmas Movie of All time?
We like the Polar Express, to watch as a family.  I like the old movies myself.

8.)Do you do your own Christmas Baking, what’s your favorite treat?
Yes, another tradition.  We make cookies and other yummy goodies to give to the neighbors, the mailman, etc.  I need to get baking =)

9.) Fake or Real Tree?

Unfortunately I am allergic to real pine trees so we go with the fake.  It is fairly realistic looking, in my opinion.

10.) What day (as a Mom) does the actual panic set in to get it all done?

Christmas Eve I get this panic that I didn’t get the kids enough things or the house isn’t decorated enough, ridiculous.  Us mama’s need to cut ourselves some holiday slack!

11.) Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?

Typically no, but it has happened in the past.

12.) What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas?
I love watching Mike put things together for the boys and they just sit watching his every move.  Priceless!

13.) What Christmas craft do you like the best?

One year we made picture frame ornaments out of mason jar lids.  I treasure those little pictures of the kids!

14.) Christmas music. Yes or No, and if yes What is your favorite song?
I am such a Christmas nerd! I listen to Christmas music non-stop from Black Friday on.  My favorite songs are Joy to the World and White Christmas.  I will be singing A Baby Changes Everything at church this year and that is a beautiful song!

15.) When do you plan to finish all your shopping?
I just have some loose ends to buy and should be finished by this weekend.

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