Where are you Christmas?

014Last year, on Black Friday, Jared and Matt (OMGosh, look how much they’ve grown just since last year) were decorating our upstairs tree.

015This is what it looked like when they were finished (this is the tree they are allowed to decorate, hence the ornaments almost touching the floor- ack!)

So, you ask, where is this year’s tree?

IT’S NOT UP!  You see we are moving in 12 days so the hubby mandated suggested that we just wait till we get to the new house to “drag out all the Christmas stuff” (that was a direct quote, blasphemous I tell you!)

Where are you Christmas?  I need stockings, trees, ornaments, candles, Advent calendars and my nativity scene!

12 more days, 12 more days.

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  1. LOL! We moved a few weeks before my son’s 1st birthday (pics just up today) and I “mandated” that we wouldn’t have his party until a few weeks AFTER that. There was just no way I could get it all together, so I’m with your hubby on this one.

    In the meantime, though, maybe you can string some popcorn or something fun like that, then “eat the evidence” when you move!

  2. I understand how you feel, yet you’d be so ticked if you had to take it down before you moved!

  3. Once you get in your new place the middle of December you can relax and enjoy!

  4. I feel for you! I love to decorate for Christmas!

  5. I love that idea, Sherean- thanks. And you are right, BlueViolet I would regret it if I did decorate.

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