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Yes, so I know I said today that I would be posting sporadically and now I’m posting twice in one day- but that is what happens when I take a hot cocoa break from unpacking boxes to check my Google reader…I discover adorable post ideas like this one from the Happy Housewife.  She challenged us to keep it real with our photos and share some of the out takes from family photo shoots gone wrong real…

So here are a few of my faves:

005This is my little brother, Tsjaad and nephew Marcus.  They had a ritual of kissing each other good night and my stepmom and I thought it would be adorable to snap a shot of it (to embarass them with at a later date)  This certainly proved easier said than done.

006Then there is my youngest, Matt, who is going through the phase (that has lasted for several years) of making goofy faces for the camera, thus ruining the picture perfect scene mom is trying to create.

For example:

003I think he might have gotten his goofyness (is that a word?) from his dad:


What do you think?

Join in the fun at the Happy Housewife.


  1. yup, goofyness definitely came from dad 😀

  2. LOVE it! My hubby is a little goofy too 😉

  3. That is too cute. Hey, I am not getting your updates in my dashboard…what is wrong? am I following your blog the right way?

  4. What is it with boys and being goofy! My boys do the exact same thing, lol!

  5. Southern Gal says:

    Cute pictures!

  6. Mimi, try refollowing through google friend connect or the RSS button at top right of blog…I certainly want to show up in your reader 😉

  7. Love the pictures….I guess I am a fan of cuteness and goofiness. Thanks for sharing.

  8. How cute. I have alot of those pics. Those are the ones I pass over.

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