A Baby Changes Everything

picture16-11A baby changes everything…truer words were never spoken.  It has been difficult for me to write about the mundane tasks of the holiday season (the stringing of the lights, the wrapping of presents, the mailing of cards)….maybe it’s moving in the midst of Christmas, maybe it’s fatigue or maybe it’s the Holy Spirit laying the realities of this time on my heart.

The birth of Christ was a gift.  The most important gift of all time.  As with any gift, we have to accept it.  And once we do we are never the same.

Yet, every so often I don’t feel any different and I want the “new”ness of accepting Jesus’ gift for my life, I want it back.

Then I remember, He’s not withholding that from me, I have busied myself right away from it.

I just want to abide in Him this season.

We serve an Awesome God.  When I look at my children the thought of giving them up to be beaten, tortured and murdered for the sake of others- I’m sorry, I couldn’t do it.  But He could and He did.

God used a baby to change everything for me twice.

Two thousand years ago on a cross, sent to take the blame for the sins I would someday commit; the baby Jesus changed everything for me.

Then thirteen years ago, an unplanned teen pregnancy and baby Jared’s birth and very existence led me to the foot of that same cross to accept my gift- the gift of forgiveness, grace, mercy and salvation

Please let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas and how a baby changes everything!

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  1. Beautiful post to encourage us to remember daily the sacrifice that was made at the cross. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. What a beautiful post and reminder — it is through His grace that we are alive and blessed and living lives full of gifts today.

  3. You are so right. Kudoz to you to ‘making it’ from yound teen mom to now. It’s not easy….a gift, joyous, but not easy. Christmas is a great reminder for anyone with ears to hear.

  4. Beautiful, thought provoking post! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for sharing these words, and the song. Lovely.

  6. i dig that song! we do our best to make christmas about jesus. its funny how kids dont get it. i realted christmas to my 5 & 6 year old sunday school class to jesus sharing his birthday with them. for some reason it clicks on their level.

  7. My kids have definitely changed me, and for the better. And like you I could not imagine giving them up to be punished for the sake of others. Having children of my own gave me a whole new perspective of the baby in a manger and the sacrifice God made by giving us His Child.


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