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Join Eighty MPH Mom for more Monday Mingle.


  1. Super glad you participated today!!! Great list of dinner choices!!!

  2. So glad you decided to join us. Isn’t this so MUCH fun? YEAH!
    Where are you moving to?
    moving bites doesn’t it?

  3. PS it was my first time too on MON mingle. however I did vlog on FRI the 13th on my own blog…hehe!
    It was loverly. I LOVE vlogging!

  4. LOL, this cracked me up. I never thought you would have skinny dipped! OOOOHHHH turkey skin…..YUMMMMMMM!

  5. That was awesome! Welcome to Monday Mingle! It is alot of fun. You’ll have to tell some of your crazy stories sometime! Happy Monday! 🙂

  6. I knew you had a wild streak!! WEWT!! I am so happy beyond belief that you mingled, I am so happy to see you Vlog! OMG, can you make me cry too. Holy Mama. LMAO on hearing way to much! You crack me up!! HA HA at the height…yea..I am already kind of tall so the extra height would be a bonus! Oh and the skin…YUM! Especially when its nice and salted and just a bit crispy! LOVE IT!

  7. I almost cried too. I would have loved to invite people form my past.

    haha! Moms hear it all!

    See you next week, it was so nice to see you!

  8. Hi Melissa!! Thanks for joining in the Mingle. I love seeing new faces. Aww you are so wonderful inviting your past loved ones! It’s so hard to not be able to say goodbye.

    I have girls, thank goodness. Three boys! Wow! There must be a lot of noises going on in your house.

  9. Hello – it is so nice to meet you! I loved your vlog and laughed most of the times…you are funny! I’m sure with three boys that you don’t want to hear even more than you already do LOL.

    Oh and your secret is safe with me about the turkey skin. I won’t tell Bookie boo.

    Thank you so much for joining in – I do hope you’ll come back next week – those questions should be very interesting!

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