I blog because…

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This is my first time participating in Fill in the Blank Friday, hosted by The Unexperienced Mom.  I decided to join in this week because I love the sentence we get to complete.

I blog because…

  • I needed an outlet to vent and share when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008.
  • I have grown attached to my online friends and love writing for them and reading what they write.
  • I get lonely at home by myself most days.
  • I loooove to write and have so much to say.
  • I enjoy sharing my life with others (I’m an internet social butterfly)
  • Blogging is a great platform for ministering to others.

There are probably a million more reasons that I just can’t think of right now.

Why do you blog?  Why don’t you blog?  Tell me!

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  1. Those are great reasons. I started blogging for my MIL then it turned into so much more. I made so many great friends and found so many encouraging blogs. I love it.

  2. Oh, Mimi- I am so glad you blog! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and your sweet comments on mine!

  3. Hi Melissa!

    Goodness it’s been waaaaay too long since I’ve visited your Cyber Home! You’ve changed so much including your profile pic which BTW is super cute! I NEED to visit more often, you are always so inspiring and I adore your openness and kind spirit.

    I blog because….

    God gave me the idea and I ran with it!

    How’s that for an answer? 🙂

    BlogBaby’s BabyMama

  4. I blog because…

    I love to write.
    My children serve as wonderful inspirations.
    I want to make it easier for other parents of differently abled children.
    I love to talk about the gifts my youngest child brings to my life and the lessons he is desperately trying to teach me!!!

  5. good question….

    I blog because….
    my friend Cheryl @The Budge Bunch got me into it!
    I thought it would help with my shyness, i am still a little
    shy and wonder why anyone would read my blog.. but i love all the
    connections and friendships i have made. it is a whole other world i was not aware of !!!
    thanks xoxo

  6. Thanks for the thoughts ladies- I love how we all started for different reasons but have grown attached to the blogging community!

    Tina- Cheryl is a sweetie!

  7. I blog to connect with people all over the globe, because I love to write, because I have tons to say and no one else is just dying to listen, I love to create, I love to learn, I love making new friends.

    I am sending the following to all those I follow.
    To those on my Reading List:
    Please do me a favor. Would you go to my blog and “follow” me again? Because I changed my URL, I have lost many of my readers. I know you can still hunt me down, but this will make it ever so much easier on you. I will once again show up on your Reader and Blog Roll. I knew this would happen but needed to change to be more representative of who I am now. I think this is the best fix. Thanks for your time. If you have another solution, let me know! Thanky!!!!!

  8. i blog because according to my husband i am starved for attention from everyone else but him. see i got the ring, i worked hard for it. mission accomplished, as soon i get a ring from bloggerland, i guess ill quit.

    its friggin fun…

  9. I blog for the connections. I just thoroughly enjoy getting to know people. There are a bunch of terrific people out here!

  10. The camaraderie! It is like my own little world that most of my IRL pals do not understand… BUT YOU ALL DO! I blog to connect with others and to know that I am not alone in my struggles.

  11. Why I blog?
    To meet new people.
    To maintain friendships new and old.
    Because it is fun.
    It de-stresses me MOST of the time.
    I like to vlog.;)
    That’s about it. i am also seriously considering switching to WordPress. It is awfully nice here. I think I will stick to Blogger cause I am familiar with it now. Maybe later.
    Talk at you later,K?

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