Do you believe in miracles?

So, many of you may have read my post here about my horrific bout with hives.  Those same hives (combined with passing out, hitting my head and my MS) landed me in the hospital Wednesday and Thursday.

I’m not a big fan of hospitals and it did not escape me (or my poor worried hubby) that this was the week of the one year annviersary of my last hospital stay (that I almost didn’t survive).

But, on to the miracle!  The doctors sent me home Thursday afternoon with no real answer as to when the hives would disappear.  In addition, they put me on steroids, in addition to the other meds.

If it had been any other weekend, I could have taken all the drugs, curled up in bed and slept until I didn’t itch anymore.  However, Saturday was our churches annual conference for women and I was the KEYNOTE SPEAKER…hello, can we say bad timing (or attack from the enemy)?

Friday night I couldn’t sleep. Every time I would toss and turn I would pray…”God, just take the hives away for tomorrow or give me the strength to ignore them and speak anyway“.

Saturday morning, the alarm went off bright and early.    I didn’t feel itchy at all.  I shook Mike and he looked under my shirt and said “Babe, did you do a lot of praying last night?  ‘Cause all the hives on your back are gone”.

I squealed like a little school girl.  Got dressed, purtied myself up with some makeup and a hair do and went to that conference.  Praise God!

And, just so I would know it was Him at work…the hives came back late Saturday evening after I was home and the conference was over…and they still linger today.

God is good, my friends!  All the time!


  1. That is incredible – I am so thrilled your prayers were answered – but hope the hives will soon be gone! Thinking about you!

  2. Ah. God is so funny yet amazing sometimes! Isn’t He?

    I believe in miracles and I also believe you touched tons of womens lives at that conference Hun. You are an amazing Christian example of what “I” want to be some day. Where everything I do and say is a reflection of Jesus Christ.

    I mess up a lot and it’s great to have friends (like you) to encourage me every day as a Mom, Friend, Wife, and *cough cough* blogger. 🙂

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with those hives. Hopefully their gone by SITScation and if not………… well. .. you’re getting a hug anyway.

    God IS good. All the time.

  3. Thanks gals *blush*

  4. Absolutely believe in miracles and believe that you got one. Sure wish I could have heard you speak! You completely rock.

  5. Yes, I do believe in the power of prayer and faith and miracles! Good for you! I am so glad you were able to speak at your church!

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