What I learned in Vegas

I will certainly have more to say about all the things I have learned while attending Blog World Expo and Sitscation this weekend but….there were some things I needed to say right away:

1.  Thank you to Tiffany and Heather for reminding me what community truly means.  The vibes at the Sitscation conference were so positive and supportive, I was truly proud to be in the room with such amazing (and giving and talented and….) women!

2.  Mommy bloggers (or whatever you want to call us) are passionate about causes we believe in.  Case in point, raising $900 for SpiritJump in one night (while dancing, mingling and oogling a brand new Coach purse).  We are truly a multi-tasking breed!

3.  Tip Junkie is quite possibly the sweetest AND cutest blogger I have ever met!  She also introduced me to the term “blenvy” which made me laugh out loud!

4.  I was reminded that I am more than a wife and mama to three boys.  It is important to remember that sometimes!

5.  Alli Worthington was full of wisdom- one nugget was this “personal branding can’t be fabricated“.  Remembering that what we do and say on the internet stays there forever should encourage people to be respectful and real (JMHO)

6.  I need to do my kiddos a favor and buy their url’s.  I would have never thought of that on my own (I’m a little slow :-)

7.  I learned that you can subscribe to a Twitter feed (and that I could just soak up technical knowledge from PHATmommy all day)

8.  Renee Ross is a fantastic public speaker as well as an all around rockstar (and she comments on my blog)

9.  Keep it Classy Jen did not know I had a momtv show!  You guys know I have a momtv show, right?  (Wednesdays, 1pm/EST The Invisibles)

10.  I need to be true to myself, my personal brand, my blog and my passion.  More on that to come!  And pictures too!

Thank you again to the gals from SITS for putting together a conference that was cozy, informative and fun!

****note to self, Blog World Expo was too much to add in. Stop putting so much on your own plate****


  1. Melissa,

    This post made me cry!

    Meeting you was such a highlight- your passion for blogging was clear in your well articulated and thoughtful questions.

    I am so excited we are now friends- please email me about your momtv show- and can I be a guest? 😉

    Seriously- it was SUCH a pleasure to meet you.

    I know I’ll see you again!


  2. Sounds like SO much fun!!

  3. How fun! I know i have thought about buying my url. Hmmm

  4. i live here and i was working couldnt make it. thanks for sharing..

  5. Ooh.. So glad to know you had so much fun!! Really miss not being able to attend all these amazing gatherings and conferences.. maybe someday, when my blog will make me enough money to pay my way!!

  6. It was so great meeting you! I love that we have been on this blogging journey together and look forward to seeing where it will take us.

  7. it was such a wonderful, positive weekend that we all shared. it was great to meet you and share all of this too.
    great SITScation wrap-up.

  8. It was such a pleasure to meet you at SITScation – I knew you had a MomTV show, but haven’t been able to check it out yet – will set up a handy dandy reminder! 🙂

  9. I did not know you had a TV show. Where have I been? I adore Laurie too, and loved her phrase blenvy.

    REALLY enjoyed meeting you in person……..and love that you are just as beautiful inside and out as you appear here. 🙂

  10. Glad I got a chance to meet you at SITScation. I think we all learned a lot of great information. Renee was my favorite speaker too! And I think Laurie is just too cute for words. SITS girls rock!

  11. So awesome to hang with one of the girls I just LOVE LOVE LOVE! Counting down the days to hang out with you again Class Lady!

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