Kate + 8 Keep the Faith

sad-faceI feel like America is rubbernecking at the scene of a a very bad accident.

You want to turn your head (or turn off the TV) but you find yourself drawn to the gruesome sight before you.

Why can I not turn my eyes from this travesty that no one should witness but a family?

Because it hits so close to home!

When my kids and I started watching Jon and Kate +8 years ago, one of the reasons I was drawn to the show was because the parents shared a deep devotion to their faith, my faith.  While we did not have multiple kids in common, we shared a belief system.  Wholesome TV.

Fast forward a few years and it is so obvious that the enemy has had his way with this marriage.  Not that he needed much of a foothold.  Can you imagine the stress of raising eight kids, six of which are sextuplets?  Can you imagine the stress of Dad not having a job when they were born?  Can you imagine the stress of adding cameras and millions of Americans watching your family change? (I am not saying that the Gosselin’s did not have choices in this situation, just attempting to not pass judgement)

Our pastor shared the top ten reasons marriages end this past week.  Which, by the way, over half of marriages end in divorce, even within the church.  Do these sound familiar?

  • exhaustion from busyness and over commitment
  • selfishness and self centeredness (immaturity)
  • spiritual disobedience and rebellion (not listening to God)
  • unhealthy conflict resolution
  • unrealistic expectations
  • addictive behaviors (any behavior can become addictive)
  • finances
  • physical intimacy issues
  • external third party (influences and interferences)
  • lack of commitment

Wow, when you put it down on paper like that I am surprised they stayed married as long as they did.bible

Let this public travesty be a lesson to us all- when you take your eyes off of the Author and Finisher of our faith and He loses His place as first in our lives and first in our marriages, all will not be well.

Let us pray for this family and especially for the children, that the hearts of the parents will be softened and turned back  to relying on God for their provision and strength.

Let us look at our own marriages and if we are going to dole out judgement, let it be on our own situation.  Ask God where the weak spots are in your own relationship and ask Him to strengthen those as only He can.


  1. I don’t get TLC, so I never even heard of this show until the recent media frenzy. It’s easy to shake one’s head and say the couple brought it on themselves, but whether or not they did, it’s really sad that the children have to go through not just the break-up of the family, but all the hoopla around it. You can only wonder how it will affect them later in life.

  2. It is too bad for them. I was really sad to hear of the divorce, but can’t say that I am surprised. I cannot imagine having that many kids! OH MY! The stress has to be unbelievable!
    But, what I loved about J&K is that they worked it out together in the end. I’m sad that it didn’t happen this way now.

  3. Wow.. That is quite amazing and yes, very true.. Thank you for sharing this list with all of us. Does make one think and reflect..


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