Who gets to do the dishes?

Chores- the one word that can bring groans, complaints and have kids running away faster then a speeding bullet.  At least in our house.

Over the years, with three boys, we have tried various methods to handle delegating chores.  We have tried lists, sticker charts, rewards but to be honest I had never thought of making a game out of it.

The thought should have come more naturally, you know like singing the clean-up song when the kids were smaller to encourage them to put away their toys?  But, a mama can run out of ideas.

That is why I was pleased to review the new concept, Deck of Chores.  I was a little skeptical at first as my tween boys don’t take kindly to change in routine.  However, the Deck of Chores changed all that.

The deck of chores is literally a large deck of cards with various chores on them, along with the values of a typical deck of cards- queen, king, jack, etc.  What my boys enjoy about the process is that it is a game of chance.  Instead of knowing you have to do the dishes tonight you might be lucky enough to draw the dusting card.  I have even been able to add chores they didn’t do before like clean out the refrigerator (a chore I will gladly share)

deck-of-choresMy five year old nephew is visiting us this summer and is enjoying the fun too.  My boys don’t find it very fair that I remove some of the cards before Marcus picks (I think he’s too little to take out the trash LOL) but so far, the Deck of Chores trumps any system I ever came up with!

Thank you to Homemaker Barbi and Deck of Chores for this review opportunity.

*This post published on my old blog this summer, I apologize if this is a repeat post for anyone, but the product is worth looking into*


  1. Oh wow.. This sounds like a great product.. Must try and get it before my toddler learns that chores aren’t fun and games:-) Thanks for sharing this!

  2. That is worth looking into. My boys go by their chore chart on the fridge without complaining but I will definitely file this away for future reference should the day arise that I need to change my strategy. I got excited just reading this short review.

  3. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I am following you through your feed. I spent a little time perusing here and can tell you have lived a LOT of life and you have a spine. All things that make you real. Blessings on you and healing as well. I have lived with an invisible disease for years, too.

  4. Don’t know what happened to my comment but can only hope it went through!

  5. I always think that there is more grumbling about chores in our household than there should be. The Deck of Chores looks like a nice way to add a bit of surprise, fun and objectivity to it!

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