Wordless Wednesday- I wish…

I use Suave products on my hair (have for years because they are cheap and so am I).  Admittedly, the quality of their products has improved over the years.  So, imagine my (pleasant) surprise when I got this picture of one of my fave actresses, Kate Walsh (you know the one, from Grey’s [which is back on Thursday for a two hour premiere!!] and Private Practice).  Suave did her hair for the Emmy’s!  Yes, she walked the red carpet with the same styling products that I use and looked beautiful (as usual).

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smallwood-2fSo, whose hair looks better, LOL?  Don’t answer that 🙂


  1. If you had someone style your hair for 2 hours before you hit the red carpet you would look like that too 🙂 But I love you cute haircut. It fits you well.

  2. It looks beautiful!!!

  3. Thank you ladies =)

  4. Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my Wordless Wednesday. It’s kind of hard to not look stunning when you have a stylists do your hair & someone do your makeup too. But for not having that I think you look great. Love the haircut!

  5. hello! thank you for visiting love lives in the kitchen! your blog is very nice! will be back here!
    have a great day!

  6. I just ran out of hair stuff and I’ll check Suave out!

  7. Cool that Kate used Sauve. I use it too. Your hair looks great too.

  8. Oh, hurray, Greys Anatomy is back! Thanks for telling me, I have to set the Tivo!

    My WW post is up here.

  9. I know @bonggamom- Grey’s is like my crack =)I need a fix LOL

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