Wordless Wednesday- Hives

So, the doctor is not sure why I am suffering from them and has given me medicine that would knock out a sumo wrestler (for example, I just woke up at 10:30am).  I have hives EVERYWHERE.  Itchy, red, raised, nasty looking hives.

Like this:


Did I mention they are EVERYWHERE? and ITCHY?

I am speaking at a women’s conference this weekend and if the enemy thinks a body full of hives is gonna stop me, he is mistaken.  Although my I-itch-so-bad-I-am-going-to-rake-off-my-skin dance may be misinterpreted as nervousness…we shall see.

Will you pray that these nasty things disappear before Saturday? Thanks!!

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  1. That does not look like fun! Hope it clears up!

  2. Yikes ouch!

  3. Melissa, I am praying for your recovering!

  4. Hope you are all recovered. That doesn’t look fun at all!


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