Wifey Wednesday- The Little Things

wifeywednesday-11I am a daggone posting maching today =)  That stems from the fact that a. I have a lot to say and b. I don’t feel well so will have my trusty laptop and bottle of water on the couch with me all day.

Anyways, Sheila is talking about those things in our marriages {read: those annoying things our hubby’s do and we can’t make them stop} that cause ongoing conflict.  Marriages are full of these little conflicts.  When they go unchecked they can slowly erode the intimacy and connection you feel with your spouse.  So, what is a wifey to do?

In addition to the great tips that Sheila {be sure and go read those because they are important and I don’t repeat them here!} gave in her post I would add the following:

  • Remember that we aren’t perfect either.  You know the biblical principle, look at the log in your eye before examining the speck in someone else’s?  This is crucial in marriage.  Many times when I am irritated with Mike over something he does ALL THE TIME I realize that it is me that needs to change my attitude, not try to change my spouse.  And by the way, only God gives you the strength to do that.  Otherwise all husbands would be dead by now.
  • Keep God first. Our pastor reminded our congregation of this in reference to marriage just a few weeks ago.  We can tend to get so focused on what our spouse does that we don’t like, and just wrapped up in marriage and life in general, that we forget to give God His proper place at the head of our lives.  When we do this He can give us the ability to look past the petty annoyances and see our spouse through His eyes.
  • Don’t give up.  There are very few {and I do mean few} reasons that marriages should end.  I am not saying this in a spirit of condemnation.  If you are going through a difficult time or have been divorced, that is between you and God.  I just say this to point out that too often couples throw in the towel over these very same annoyances and grievances we are talking about today.  Your spouse is God’s one of a kind gift to you.  If you give up on you as a couple, you are telling God that He doesn’t know what is best for you, that His plan is not good enough for you.  Stick it out.  Work through the problems with God’s help {and I say this as half of a couple that did just that}.  It is so worth it!

Any thoughts?  Please share!


  1. Number 1 is where we often fall short. Remembering my own shortcomings often does wonders with respect to keeping my complaints to a minimum.

  2. Such a good point, Terry! Thanks for your comment.

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