Wifey Wednesday- The Honeymoon


The hubby and I didn’t have a honeymoon to speak of. We had a 13 1/2 month old and I was 6 months pregnant with Matt so we couldn’t really afford one. We did go for a week to my grandparents house on the bay. It was the first time my husband ever seen the ocean and Jared was a great age for playing in the sand and frolicking in the waves with Daddy (I was curled up under the umbrella with a good book, some things never change)

After we became Christians we heard pastors say that your marriage needs to come before the kids. That was a foreign concept to us at the time, but the more time we spent in prayer and Scripture realized that is God’s plan. If you neglect your marriage for parenthood, then your kids have no positive example of what love should look like and you run the risk of not knowing your mate intimately when the kids are grown and gone.

So, we began to make it a tradition to go away for the weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We have been doing this for the last 10 years and it has been wonderful. We have such fun when it is just the two of us (something we never experienced as we met when I was pregnant and Mike had Jason).

We have gone to Lancaster, PA where we took a buggy ride, bought homemade root beer and ate in a “family style” restaurant.

We have gone to Williamsburg, VA where we toured Old Town, had coffee in a bookstore and went to Busch Gardens (I am not much of a roller coaster gal but make the best of it for my hubby’s sake)

We spent a weekend at Kings Dominion to see some of our favorite Christian rock bands.

We rented a cabin in the mountains, toured Smoke Hole Caverns and made a bonfire. (There was a hot tub in that cabin..hmm,mmm anyways)

We have made some great memories on those mini “honeymoons” as we call them. Investing time in each other and your relationship is key to a thriving, lasting marriage! For more Wifey Wednesday posts please visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum.


  1. You are so right!

    Hubs and I try to get away, for at least one night, every few months. We only have one child right now, so leaving him overnight with grandma isn’t a big deal. I imagine as we have more, the babysitting will be more of an issue.

    But, for now, it is lovely! Our 4th anniversary is coming up in October. We’ve treated ourselves to U2 tickets and will spend the night in Dallas. If hubs can get off work, we’ll stay a whole day or two, and possibly another night. I can’t wait!

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