Some of the men in my life


I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of some of the special guys in my life, particularly since I am surrounded by testosterone!

My husband is a goofball, he was wearing my purse the wrong way to embarass Jared. Isn’t that what teenagers are for, our embarassing pleasure?


Then there is my adorable nephew Marcus, always good for a laugh.  Especially when he puts a chip clip on his lip (hey, that rhymed 🙂 )


Me and my sweet boys, Jared and Matt.


Our oldest son, Jason, who somehow managed to grow taller than me and turn 16 in, like, the blink of an eye!  Seriously!


My Poppop, my favorite man on earth (besides my hubby)


My littlest brother, Tsjaad.  He just turned three last month.

Believe it or not, there are more men in my life!  My dad, two other brothers, etc.  Next Saturday I will share some pics of them with you.  You are welcome in advance! LOL

And BTW, ignore the dates on some of those pictures.  They are wrong and I am too gadget impaired to know how to change the date on my camera!


  1. Love your testosterone filled page of photos! I have to say I’m partial to the last one though. Too cute!!!

  2. Thanks Debbie…he is cute, isn’t he?

  3. you have some cutie-pies in your life! you like quite wonderful in that picture as well!

  4. thanks for noticing Fiona =0 The weight is coming off!!

  5. Great pics! I love the one of your little brother. Too cute 😉

  6. You are one lucky lady 😀

  7. Thanks Alicia- I am discovering it is fun to have a little brother, even at my age!

    Serendipity- I feel blessed, that is for sure!

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