September 11th- 8 years later



It started like any other day.  I sent Jason and Jared off on the school bus and Matthew and I headed to a playgroup. 

The kids were playing quietly on the floor, us mama’s were nursing our oversized mugs of steaming coffee and the Today Show was on in the background.  About the time that our hostess’ phone rang, my gaze settled on the television set.  The image of smoke billowing from a huge building and the words scrolling at the bottom of the scene were not registering.  911

“Turn up the TV”, my friend, Kim shouted, cupping her hand over the phone receiver.  We increased the volume and listened to the voices of Katie Couric and Matt Lauer trying to make sense of what seemed like an accident at the time.

Then the second plane came and a chill went up my spine.  We all sat there motionless, staring at the screen. Silently willing the reality of the scene to be a mirage.  This can’t be happening…two planes, that doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes your mind awhile to wrap around evil like that.  9112

When the news came that there had been a similar incident at the Pentagon, the energy in the room completely changed.  You see, we live in a suburb of DC and most of the women in that living room, still clutching their oversized mugs of coffee, had spouses that had commuted to that very city that morning. 

9114We all frantically began trying to reach our husband’s on their cell phones.  NONE of us were able to get through.  The lines were jammed, overwhelmed by all the other frantic people trying to make sure their loved ones were okay.  All of a sudden nothing became more important than being with my kids.  Who knew what was happening?  Was this the start of a war?  Would they be coming the 90 miles to our town next?

Play group ended in a very fractured way.  There were tears, “call me when you hear from your hubby” exchanges, hugs and we all made mad dashes to the elementary schools where our other children were so we could put our eyes on those that mattered the most to us.

I remained glued to the television for most of the day.  Prayers became gutteral after awhile, prayers for the people in New York, prayers for those that had perished in those buildings and prayers for those that would spend a lifetime wishing they had.  Prayers for our country, our leaders, our citizens.  Prayers that there would be no more of whatever evil was present.  Prayers that my husband was okay.

He finally got through around 4pm.  He was okay.  He was on his way home but traffic and security would make his commute longer.  I have never been so relieved to hear his voice.  He had been working mere blocks from the Pentagon.  Can still remember the “rumble” he heard and felt.  9115

The following eight years have been full of inquiries, theories, stories, specials and memorials.  Nothing we ever do or say can make a dent in the fear, sadness, terror and mourning that was introduced to our country on September 11, 2001.

Eight years later, hug your loved ones tighter.  Be thankful for your freedom.  Observe a moment of silence for those who innocently lost their lives and those so full of hate and evil that flying planes into buildings became a way to make a point.  Pray for our service men and women who are STILL giving their lives in the aftermath of that horrible day.  Be thankful for what we have, be hopeful for the future and be respectful of what so many lost on that unprecedented day, eight years ago.

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  1. It does seem like just yesterday. I was just glad that Jason wasn’t flying at the time it happened.


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