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finer_things_friday1Tomorrow my YOUNGEST child will turn twelve!  Officially gone are the days of car seats, double strollers, Happy Meals (although those didn’t occur often), elementary school, and Cub Scouts.  I went through a (rather long but now over) phase period when the boys were smaller that I longed for another baby.  That feeling has passed. Mike and I have both decided that if we have another child (which would be by adoption because I can’t have any more children) we will adopt an older child (6+).

When I wonder what it will be like to be child free in a few years, when I start to get tearful just thinking about my boys starting high school (let alone graduating and going off to college) I just remember that as they age the less I will need of my mini-van and the more I will be able to drive this around:

006And that, my friends, is a finer thing!

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  1. oh, I envy you… my kids range from 14 to 3. I’ll never be done!

  2. I don’t have children, unfortunately, but I can say that I’ve observed from others there’s something good about having your children younger. Then you can enjoy your later years…although these days it seems kids are getting through college and moving back home more often than should be normal!

  3. There’s always a positive! 🙂


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