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I am enjoying this week of awareness for chronic and invisible illnesses.  I am coming across so many awesome bloggers and fellow chronic illness livers (I hate the word sufferer, FYI) that I have added to my blogroll (and some of which I have invited to be on my MomTV show, hmm, mmm.)  So, I shared some of these fabulous peeps on The Invisibles today and some I have mentioned on Twitter.  But, I wanted a spot where all the info was in once place so here you go 😉


Melanie Melanie blogs about her journey and participated in the 30 Things meme as well and I particularly connected with her answer to question #4.  The biggest adjustment is: “adjusting to a very different brain- I can’t think, learn or remember like I used to”. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Melanie.

Miss Diagnosis First of all, what a hilarious name for yourself.  Ingenious, as a matter of fact.  She blogs at Faith is Fragile which is also a beautiful title.  I related to her answer to #5 on the 30 Things meme.  Most people assume: “I’m lazy or just enjoy sleeping a lot”. I saw this a lot when hopping the 30 Things posts and it irritates me too.

Kristen blogs about living with Lyme disease, that was just recently diagnosed.  Her #22 struck a deep chord with me.  My illness has taught me that: “just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.”  I hate how many people feel invalidated during the process of waiting to be diagnosed!

Selena She talked about something in a way I had never considered before, but found to be so true.  In addressing question #14, Selena opened my eyes to the reason behind a phenomenon I couldn’t explain before.  People would be surprised to know that: “socializing with family and friends is more difficult for me now”.  It is for me too and I didn’t understand why.  Selena goes into more depth about it so visit her blog for the answer.

Annabeth Again I really connected with something that this blogger said in her answer to #18. Something I miss: “the desire to be physically active”. I so get this!  I used to enjoy riding bikes on the canal with Mike and the boys, I used to look forward to a good workout.  I don’t anymore.  The desire is literally gone.

Each one of these ladies helped me feel less alone!  And that is the point of this week and of my show and part of why I get up in the morning.  We are not alone!  Praise the Lord for that!

In closing, this post made me cry.  So, grab some tissues.

Be blessed,



  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog. I enjoyed this post and look forward to reading more. 🙂

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