Finer Things Friday- Good Neighbors


Yesterday morning did NOT start off well. Matt found his precious hamster, Tilly, had passed away in the night.  (After I comforted him and sent him to school I put a pillowcase over her cage till my hubby got home ’cause there was no way I was touching a dead rodent


hamster3Tilly lived a good life (almost two years) and unfortunately got wet tail, an illness that claims the life of many a hamster.  But, Matt is a sentimental kid and loves everything instantly.  Whether it is a frog he captured from outside and has had for three days, he is upset when it is time to let the poor thing it go back outside (despite the houses built of legos, etc.) To say he was devastated was putting it mildly and I tweeted out my angst about what a crappy way it was to start the day.

When Matt got home from school he informed me that he really shouldn’t be taking this so hard as he has so much experience with death (and I am thinking, “huh”?)    He then proceeds to mention every living thing, reptile, rodent, great grandfather, that has died since he was three years old.  He actually remembered the stray cat we took in (against my better judgement, I am not a cat girl)  when he was three years old, that got hit by a car two days later.  I was half listening, half thinking of how fortunate my hubby was to be out mowing our lawn then to listen to this eulogy of all things dead.

We buried Tilly under the treehouse (and Matt put a big rock over her grave so that “no animal could come dig her up and I will always know where she is“).  I had plans with some girlfriends last night to go see a movie and sadly left Matt crying and my husband looking rather helpless (insert evil grin). 

Now, here comes the Finer Thing Moment (in case you were wondering where that was in this story) :

When I got home from the movie, my kids (who would normally have been in bed by then) ran out to greet me.  “Mom, you’ve got to come meet Zeke”.  Okay? I thought, who the heck is Zeke and why is he in my house at 9pm?

Turns out my sweet neighbors (a disabled couple that lives across the street that have loved my kids since we moved in seven years ago) had found out about Tilly’s passing.  They know how much Matt loves his pets so they went to the pet store and bought him a new hamster (that he named Ezekial and will call Zeke).  My husband was in the kitchen thoroughly cleaning the hamster cage and toys and the boys showed me this adorable dark haired hamster who climbs right into their hand.  hamster2

They also got Matt a sympathy card for the loss of his pet that he reported “I am going to keep forever”.  They turned my son’s day around out of love and unselfishness.  They spent their evening driving to the pet store to find a new buddy for my son. 

Friends, I think that is exactly the type of community that Christ intended for us to develop with fellow believers.  From Acts 2-6 we see the results of fellowship and community with those around us.  John 15, my neighbors embody it. 

Good neighbors are truly a finer thing!


  1. That is so sweet! What great neighbors!

  2. Very sweet! I love the sympathy card idea; that would be a thoughtful thing for a sorrowing child.

  3. In a day and age where some people don’t even KNOW their neighbors, I’d say you are quite blessed by yours!

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